KFC Made Crocs And They Come With Chicken-Scented Drumsticks On Top

KFC Made Crocs And They Come With Chicken-Scented Drumsticks On Top KFC

While I try to eat a healthier, more balanced diet these days, there’s no use denying the fact that KFC is downright delicious. Hit me up with a bucket of original recipe pieces and a pot of mashed potatoes and I’m in my element. If you feel the same, you might want to wear these KFC Crocs that are designed to look like the fast-food giant’s classic buckets, complete with a chicken-scented drumstick on top.

kfc crocsKFC

  1. Crocs are seriously in right now. While people used to see Crocs as ugly and unfashionable, these days, they’re ugly and SUPER in demand. There are Crocs with fanny packs attached, high-heeled Crocs, and tons of other styles that will appeal to gardeners and hipsters alike. I’m not sure who the target audience is for KFC Crocs, but I’m interested!
  2. KFC x Crocs is the collab we never knew we needed. Admittedly, I own a pair of white Crocs that I use for doing stuff around the house when I can’t be bothered to put on “real” shoes. I never really thought I’d need to own multiple pairs of Crocs, but now that KFC Crocs exist, I’m starting to change my mind. These things are amazing, even from a collector’s perspective.
  3. They actually made two versions. One pair of KFC Crocs isn’t enough, so they’ve made two versions: classic Crocs and a platform version, both of which are designed to look like a KFC bucket with the red and white stripe bottom and fried chicken on the top.
  4. They come with chicken-scented drumsticks on top! Each pair comes with removable chicken-scened Jibbitz, or Crocs charms, on top. How realistic that smell is remains to be seen since they’re not on the market just yet, but I have high hopes (and extreme hunger) just thinking about it.
  5. Unfortunately, the platforms won’t be for sale. According to Delish, the 4.5″ high platform version of KFC Crocs were photographed during (and potentially made exclusively for) New York Fashion Week and won’t be available to the general public. The classic version, however, will be available on the Crocs website this spring and will sell for $59.99. I’ve already added them to my wishlist!
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