KFC Is Selling A Glazed Donut Chicken Sandwich And I’m Suddenly Starving

KFC Is Selling A Glazed Donut Chicken Sandwich And I’m Suddenly Starving KFC

Sometimes a bucket of fried chicken goes down a real treat. Same for glazed donuts—they’re by no means my favorite kind of donut, but they serve their own special purpose of providing me a much-needed sugar rush on occasion. Well, KFC is ready to combine the two and is testing out a glazed donut chicken sandwich at certain locations. SIGN ME UP.

KFC donut chicken sandwichKFC

  1. It’s exactly what it sounds like. The KFC glazed donut chicken sandwich is a piece of boneless fried chicken between two glazed donuts. It sells for $5.99 which might seem a bit steep but deliciousness has no price, so I’d pay it.
  2. If you don’t want it in sandwich form, you can get them separately. KFC is also offering a basket full of fried chicken pieces and donuts on the side so you can eat them separately if you’re not into the sweet and savory combination. You can get either bone-in chicken or tenders with one donut for $5.49 or add another donut for $7.49.
  3. Donuts are being sold on their own too. You can grab a glazed for $1 if you just want a sweet treat. Then again, who would go to KFC just for a donut? We have Dunkin’ for that, thank you.
  4. So far, it’s only available in a couple of locations. If you’re desperate for a KFC glazed donut chicken sandwich or the combo basket, you’ll need to hit up a branch in Norfolk or Richmond, Virginia or in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. That’s where they’re being tested at the moment to gauge customer response.
  5. What’s to test? This will be delicious. It’s crazy to think KFC feels the need to decide whether or not this is a great idea. Of course it is! Sweet and savory combos are the cornerstone of Flavortown. Ever dipped your Wendy’s fries in a Frosty (or your McDonald’s fries in their soft serve)? You know what I’m talking about then! Let’s get this in all KFC locations pronto because if I’m going to eat junk food, I really like to go hard with it.

kfc donut chicken sandwichKFC

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