Sex and the City Surprise: Kim Cattrall Will Return As Samantha Jones In ‘And Just Like That…’

Sex and the City Surprise: Kim Cattrall Will Return As Samantha Jones In ‘And Just Like That…’ Warner Bros. Pictures

Hell hath truly frozen over, folks. While Kim Cattrall swore she’d never reprise her role as beloved “Sex and the City” character Samantha Jones, it seems she’s changed her mind on that, as she’s now been confirmed to appear in an upcoming episode of the HBO Max reboot “And Just Like That…”

If you’re been living on another planet (or simply don’t care about early/mid-2000s celeb catfights), a quick refresher: Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker do NOT get along. They have a lengthy history of, erm, not seeing eye to eye, shall we say. It’s widely understood that her dislike of Parker has been behind Cattrall’s refusal to return to the show.

“And Just Like That…” has explained Kim Cattrall’s absence by claiming that Samantha upped sticks and moved to London, so she just wasn’t around. They even have Samantha and Carrie a bit at odds in the show, with Carrie texting her in Season 1 and vowing to meet up and make amends.

Kim Cattrall’s “And Just Like That…” appearance isn’t all that it seems.

Before you get too excited about having Samantha back, control yourself because it’s not really that deep. Per Variety, Samantha Jones will return for the Season 2 finale, but only on the phone.

She apparently shot all of her dialogue back in March in New York City without having any contact whatsoever with Sarah Jessica Parker, showrunner Michael Patrick King, or anyone else in the cast. They even got Patricia Field, who did all the clothes for “Sex and the City” but who hasn’t been involved with “And Just Like That…” up until this point, to dress Cattrall for her scene.

Variety says that ultimately, Casey Bloys, the chairman and CEO of HBO and HBO Max, personally reached out to Cattrall and asked her to come back as Samantha. Thankfully for diehard fans of the series, she said yes.

Season 2 of “And Just Like That” premieres on June 22; Kim Cattrall’s episode will air sometime in August.

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