Kim Kardashian Says People ‘Didn’t Know’ Marilyn Monroe Before She Wore Her Dress

Kim Kardashian Says People ‘Didn’t Know’ Marilyn Monroe Before She Wore Her Dress

Kim Kardashian has been known to say some pretty clueless things in her time, but her recent claim that no one knew who Marilyn Monroe was until she wore her dress really does take the cake. As you may or may not remember, Kardashian shed 16 pounds in three weeks to squeeze into the iconic gown for the 2022 Met Gala. (Many have since claimed that she irreparably damaged the dress.) Kardashian feels like she deserves kudos for deigning to wear Monroe’s gown because it exposed the blonde bombshell to a whole new audience who never knew she existed.

Kardashian’s comments came during an interview on “Today” with Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie. While promoting her new skincare line, the topic of Monroe came up. In particular, Guthrie wanted to highlight Kardashian’s behind-the-scenes claim that she was some kind of tastemaker who brought Monroe out of obscurity.

“We were just talking, you said you were shocked on TikTok, some people don’t even know who Marilyn Monroe was,” Guthrie brought up on air.

Kardashian replied: “That was the most shocking thing to me and that’s why I was so happy to at least have that opportunity and that Ripley’s gave me the opportunity to share this moment so that it could live on.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, social media immediately hit back at Kardashian’s extremely delusional comments. “Ain’t no way Kim Kardashian said many people didn’t know who Marilyn Monroe was until she wore her dress,” one person wrote. Another added, “Imagine having this much ego!” A third person wrote: “What a bubble she lives in, covered only with money. I just don’t know why people give her so much attention.”

While it’s clear that Kardashian is a major star, the idea that she’s the only one that matters and that iconic celebrities of eras passed are unknown until she gives them clout is absolutely ridiculous. Wake up, Kim!

Jennifer Still is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience. The managing editor of Bolde, she has bylines in Vanity Fair, Business Insider, The New York Times, Glamour, Bon Appetit, and many more.