Kindergartners Accidentally Drank Tequila During Snack Time At Michigan School

Parents of kindergartners at a Michigan school are furious after the children accidentally drank tequila during snacktime, Fox 2 Detroit reports. One of the students brought in a ready-to-drink bottle of Jose Cuervo margaritas to Grand River Academy Livonia in her backpack and several kids drank it, believing it was juice.

  1. One of the kids was left feeling ill. According to the news outlet, one kindergartner “felt woozy” and “a little dizzy” after having four or five sips of the drink from a Dixie cup the tequila had been poured into.
  2. The child who brought the drink in knew it contained alcohol. while none of the other students knew they were drinking anything other than juice, authorities believe the girl who brought in the margaritas knew it was alcohol. Of course, expecting a kindergartner to understand what alcohol actually is and the effects it can have is a bit much.
  3. The girl eventually told the teacher what she was drinking. As Dominique Zanders, a mother of one of the kindergartners, told Fox 2 Detroit: “The girl poured it in her cup and she drank it and the girl ended up telling her what it is, and she went and told the teacher there is liquor in this cup, and the teacher gave her a funny face.”
  4. Poison control was called immediately. As soon as the school realized the children had been drinking tequila, they called poison control to ensure they were all safe and okay. “While we try to keep an eye on everything our students bring to school, that’s simply not possible,” the school said in a statement. “It’s unfortunate that these types of adult beverages can be easily mistaken for child-friendly drinks.”
  5. Enraged parents are angry at the school and the student’s own parents. While Zanders wondered how teachers didn’t catch the children with the alcoholic beverage before they could drink it, others believe it’s the parents of the girl who brought the drink in that should be blamed. “If your child knows what it is, nothing wrong with it. But they should know not to touch it,” Alexis Smith told Fox 2 Detroit. “That it’s not for kids.” I had a small conversation with my daughter — nothing big — and she told me the girl knew it was liquor.”
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