I Knew I Was In Love After Two Weeks But I Took Six Months To Tell Him

If you’re the type of person to fall in love hard and fast, I totally get you. I knew that I was in love with my boyfriend after two weeks… I just didn’t tell him for six months. The waiting was agonizing because it was on the tip of my tongue but I wanted him to earn the feelings behind those words. Thankfully, he did and it was worth it.

  1. I didn’t want to tell him and find out he didn’t feel the same way. Rejection is real and I’m not good at dealing with it. I didn’t want to blurt out to him that I was madly in love with him only for him to look at me like I’m a crazy person because we’d basically just met only a few weeks prior.
  2. I wanted to hear it from him first. When we finally said the words “I love you” to each other, he actually said them to me first. I used to be the one who spat it out first but I wanted to hear it from my guy this time around. And you know what? It was really meaningful.
  3. We’d really gotten to know each other at that point, so it meant so much more. By six months in, I knew him pretty well and I knew that our relationship was going somewhere. When we finally owned up to our feelings and backed them up with those words, it really felt like it was the right time.
  4. I tried to convey my feelings through my actions. Since I was holding out so much, I tried to convey how I felt in other ways. I’d cook us breakfast and french press him a pot of coffee in the morning or send him a sweet good luck message before work. I’d give him a back massage and try to telepathically send him words from my brain to his (don’t even try to act like you’ve never tried that before!). There are so many ways to convey that you love someone without actually saying those specific words. I learned how important that is by waiting to actually tell him. Now, I try to do that as much as possible. I try to show him rather than just tell him how much he means to me.
  5. I found out that he’d also felt that way early on. He told me that he knew he felt the same way early on in our relationship too. I must admit that made my heart flutter. To think that we both were full of feelings of love and neither of us were sure about telling each other is kind of disgustingly romantic all in its own right.
  6. I wanted to see if the feelings would last. It was really important for me to figure out if he was just someone I was in deep infatuation with or if I was truly head over heels in love. I take my heart seriously and after being dinged in the past by toxic guys I’d given my heart to super early on, I wanted to make sure that this was a steady thing.
  7. The slow burn kind of felt good. Maybe I’m a masochist, but the anticipation was kind of hot! I can recall so many moments when I wanted to tell him and was ready to own up to my feelings but I didn’t. It kept things interesting. There were many times when I’d had a little too much to drink and wanted to fire off a text or go to his place and knock on his door confessing my feelings but I held out and I’m glad I did.
  8. Love isn’t enough. I’ve learned over the years that so much else goes into making a relationship work. Love alone isn’t enough. Trust, for example, is so important. When I realized that I was in love with him, I couldn’t really tell if I also completely trusted him yet. The truth is, I barely knew him! How could I? I’d made the mistake in the past of confusing love and trust and got myself involved with guys who didn’t have my heart or best interest in mind. I refused to make that mistake again. By six months in, I felt that I could totally trust him and that made me feel really great.
  9. There’s only one first time. I’m glad I didn’t rush into the “I love you” territory this time. You only get one first time to tell someone how you feel about them. It doesn’t have to be super fancy or particularly special but it should be at a time when you can see them as a part of your life and maybe a part of your future. I’m happy that I waited until I did.
Marie is an ambitious millennial woman, leading a corporate life by day and doing her best to live, laugh and love.