Cult Classic ‘Knight Rider’ Series Is Being Remade Into A Movie

The cult classic ’80s TV series Knight Rider is headed to the big screen in its own movie adaptation, it has been announced. According to Deadline, the project is a collaboration between Spyglass Media Group and Atomic Monster’s James Wan and Michael Clear. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!

  1. Who didn’t love Knight Rider? The show ran on NBC from 1982 and 1986, featuring David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, who fought crimes with the help of his highly intelligent, high-tech car named KITT. It sounds ridiculous but for some reason, it just worked.
  2. Knight Rider was incredibly successful. There have been plenty of spinoffs and films based on the show, not to mention comics, video games, and even an annual convention known as KnightCon. In other words, there’s definitely a market for a movie, especially considering how big nostalgia projects are at the moment.
  3. The script is being adapted by TJ Fixman. He’s a former video game writer who should have an interesting take on the classic. We don’t know much else about the plot, but it’s understood that it’ll be set in the present day and will keep the “anti-establishment tone of the original.” What else do we need to know?
  4. I wonder if David Hasselhoff will come back… Sure, he’s older now, but fans would love to see him reprise the role of Michael Knight regardless. Perhaps if they’re trying to renew the franchise with a new lead actor, they could bring Hasselhoff in a cameo capacity? You gotta give a nod to the original here, people!
  5. Details are scarce but keep your eyes peeled. If you’re a Knight Rider fan, you’ll have to be patient since movie details are pretty much nonexistent other than what I’ve written before. Here’s hoping more information comes out soon, because I can already tell it’s going to be great.
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