I Know You Can’t Love Me, But I Still Wish You Would

I Know You Can’t Love Me, But I Still Wish You Would ©iStock/Jacob Ammentorp Ltd

Saying goodbye has never been easy for me, but with you it feels infinitely debilitating. Even though there might be some scorched earth beneath us, I want you to know that I do understand. As much as it hurts and as much as the pain feels unbearable at times, I know I need to begin the process of truly letting you go from my heart. You’ve made a significant impact, and I want you to know that. I’ll never forget the incredible times that we shared and even though I know you can’t love me, I still wish you would.

  1. You’ve always been good to me. You’ve always been an incredible support system for me when I’ve been at my weakest points. You’ve seen the darkest sides of me that no one else has and you stood by me without question when I needed someone to lean on. Knowing I won’t have that going forward kills me inside, but at the same time, I know I’m much stronger for having you to guide me out of those storms.
  2. Our history is deeper than time. We might have a lot of time on our side when it comes to our history, but even through significant marks of the calendar, the timing has never been right. I told you how I felt about you, and even though you’re unable to return those same feelings, it doesn’t change mine. It only changes the way I’ll carry my heart without you.
  3. You changed me for the better. I’ve experienced the worst when it comes to men, but with you it was something different. You were never cruel to me. You were always honest and sincere, almost to a fault. I can’t hate you for your honesty or that you can’t love me back, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t break me to let go of the idea I held on to for so long.
  4. You treated me in ways no one else ever has. Because of you, my standards are much higher. You’ve always treated me with the highest level of respect in ways that no one else has. It’s tough to wrap my head around how and why you’ve been able to be so good to me without giving your heart to me in the process. Maybe you do love me. Maybe you’re far too broken to admit it. All I know is that loving you has allowed me to see what it should feel like and that I have something to look forward to. If I take nothing else away from our time together, at least I have that.
  5. You’ve always believed in my potential. You’ve always talked me into following my ambitions and to allow myself to get carried away with my dreams. When no one else believed in me, you were always in my corner. It’s something I’ll never forget and am forever grateful for.
  6. You’ve set the bar high for someone else. It’s going to be hard to find anyone who will even hold a candle to you, but I know eventually, someone will rise to the occasion. You’ve laid a solid foundation of what I deserve to feel from the love of my life, I’m just sad that man won’t be you.
  7. I’m really, really going to miss you. I know I don’t have to say goodbye completely, as you’ve made that pretty clear. Our friendship and relationship over time has soared to highs and lows I didn’t know existed. While I know that you’ll never love me the way I need you, it doesn’t make things any easier. I’m not only going to miss you and what we’ve had, I’m also going to miss those daydreams I had for a future that I know now will never come. As much as it hurts, I know I’ll live on without you.
  8. Thank you for showing me what it feels like to love. For so long, I had forgotten what love feels like, and with you I felt it in ways I never have before. You’re the picture of hope and the perfect example of what I want in my future. I want you to know that even if this chapter of our lives together is over, I still love you and I probably always will, even if it means you can’t love me back.