I Know A Guy’s Worthwhile If I Feel Safe Enough To Show Him My Crazy

Sure, everyone’s a little bit weird at times, but I’m absolutely bonkers. At least I’m not boring, right? If I’m not able to show my crazy to a guy I’m dating, then I guess I’m going to have to show him the door instead.

My crazy means being passionate and silly. 

I have quite an animated personality, I love to laugh and I’m so silly about little things that it’s untrue. However, only my closest friends and family get to see this unedited version of me. Call it nerdy, call it being different to other people, call it whatever you like—but this is me and I don’t want to have to hide it. I used to shy away from it but now I fully embrace it. Why? Because it’s what makes me unique.

I have to feel comfortable to be my true self. 

I’m an introvert at heart, which means I have to feel completely at ease with a guy before I can open up to him. I’ve always been shy with new people since a young age and it takes me a little while to trust anyone, let alone a guy that I’m hoping will protect my heart.

I’ve been burned in the past. 

I don’t trust guys easily because I’ve been burned so many times in my life previously for opening up to a guy too soon, which then resulted in my heart being trampled all over. It’s never a pleasant feeling and I refuse to make the same mistakes again.

I usually introduce my crazy slowly with new guys. 

When it comes to new guys I’m dating, I usually test the waters with a little bit of crazy to see how he takes it and then we progress from there. A big part of my crazy test is being able to banter with a potential partner. This could involve anything from making fun of a TV show to wondering out loud why the sky has to be blue instead of burnt orange. (Seriously—why?)

He has to be able to laugh with me

If the dude can’t laugh with me when I’m on one of my weirdo trips, then I’m afraid he’s not the one for me. This doesn’t include laughing at me; he has to find my crazy totally cute and still be attracted to me just as much as he did before he learned this about me. A good sense of humor is at the top of the list when it comes to my desired list of qualities in a guy. I truly believe that laughter is the best medicine in life and if he isn’t able to find my crazy funny and adorable, that’s kind of worrying for our future. Sorry, not sorry.

He has to be able to break down my barriers. 

I won’t be my true, authentic self with just anyone. If a new guy makes me feel comfortable enough to show him my nutty personality, then that’s usually a good sign that I’m into him. I’m not saying I’ll make it difficult for him to get close to me, but I do want him to put in some effort.

My full crazy will only come out if he shows me his crazy too. 

Not everyone gets to see my full-on weirdo because I have to protect myself from being hurt again. The only way that it will happen with a new guy is if he manages to naturally bring it out in me. This usually means that he’s weird too, which indicates a match made in heaven.

If he hasn’t seen my crazy by a certain point, it’s clear I need to say goodbye. 

A new guy has a certain amount of time to bring out my crazy. If he’s not able to, then I’m clearly just not into him and he has to go. After all, this crazy girl deserves to be with a guy who’s as equally crazy.

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