You Know You’ve Found A Good Guy If He Does These 12 Things

It’s hard to find a great guy these days, which is why if you’re lucky enough to come across one and you click with him, you should hold on tight. Here are 12 ways to tell that you’ve finally found a dude who’s worth your time:

  1. He gets to know your friends. A guy who’s genuinely interested in you and sees a relationship with you will want to get to know the other people in your life who are important to you. He’s not just trying to get you over to his house late night or keep you a secret— he plans group gatherings and makes sure to invite your crew, as well as introduce you to his closest friends.
  2. He asks about your day. He wants to know what you’re dealing with at work, how you spent your day off, and what’s going on with your family and friends. The best part is that he’s not asking just to ask—he actually listens to and cares about what you tell him. If you’re having a bad day, he’s the one to help cheer you up and turn the day around. If you’re having a good day, he’ll be happy to hear it and glad you shared it with him.
  3. He takes interest in the things you like. He may not know anything about your hobbies or passions, but he wants to learn about them so he can take part in the things you love most. If he’s willing to commit time and effort into your interests, he’s a keeper.
  4. He makes time to see you no matter how busy he is. If he makes real plans to see you instead of just inviting you over late night for some action, that’s a good sign. He plans lunch dates, takes you to the movies, and just wants to spend quality time together. Even if he has a crazy busy schedule with work and other commitments, he’ll still make sure the two of you have your time together, proving you’re a priority to him.
  5. He keeps things romantic. Things shouldn’t get too casual just because you’ve been seeing each other for a while. He should still plan little surprises make gestures to show that he cares for you. If your guy buys you flowers “just because” or plans a date night for no reason, he’s one of the good ones.
  6. He gives you his full and undivided attention when you’re together. When the two of you are out together, you’re his main priority. He can hold a conversation, he can look you in the eye, and he has no interest in the other women around him. It’s all about the two of you in that moment and there’s nothing better.
  7. He doesn’t play games. He doesn’t keep you guessing on whether or not he’s going to text you or whether he legitimately likes you or is just looking for a hookup. A good guy who really cares about you will be straightforward and not play any stupid dating games. He’ll make it clear what his intentions are and be aware of your feelings. He’s not there to hurt you or mess with your head.
  8. He does what he says he’ll do. How many times has a guy said he’ll call and then you never hear from him again? There’s nothing better than finding a guy who actually follows through on their promises. Whether it’s something as simple as calling or showing up when he said he will or something more serious like keeping a personal promise about the relationship—if he keeps to his word, he’s a good guy.
  9. He tells you how he feels. A good guy will be honest and open about his feelings with you, even if it’s hard for him. He wants you to know exactly how much he cares about you and never wants to keep you guessing about where the relationship stands. Even after time passes and things get more serious, he’ll still tell you how much he’s into you—and he’ll mean it.
  10. It’s not all about sex. Sex is important, we all know that. However, there’s so much more to a relationship than sex. If your guy is only about hooking up rather than spending quality time with you, it’s time to kick him to the curb. A relationship should first be about connection, communication, and happiness—the sex should come as an (amazing) added perk.
  11. He always has your back. A guy who has your back in conflict or just supports your decisions is a good guy to keep around. He may not always agree with what you’re doing, but he can openly have a conversation about it with you. The important thing is that he stands on your side and supports you no matter what, especially in public.
  12. He makes compromises. Compromise and communication are vital in a healthy and successful relationship. A good guy is open to compromises to make sure that you’re both happy and satisfied, and he’ll expect the same out of you. He gets that a relationship takes two people willing and wanting to work together, and he’s all-in.
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