Ladies, Can We Agree To Stop Doing These 14 Things To Impress Guys?

Trying to get a guy to notice or like us can sometimes make us do nuts things. The truth is, we don’t have to try to be anything but ourselves and if he’s worth it, he won’t want it any other way. With that in mind, here are 14 things we need to stop doing for dudes’ sakes ASAP.

  1. The hair flip We see a cute guy and smile at him before flipping our hair back. It looks like we’ve lost our minds for a second and thought we were in a boring rom-com. Honestly, this cliche move might tell him that we’re interested in him and confident or it could just tell him that we’re kinda vain and feeling our own look. It’s one of those boring body language gestures that really don’t impress much because it’s weird and nonsensical. Are we flipping our hair because we’re flirting or we have to shake a bug out of it? Nobody knows!
  2. Giggling We want to show him that we’re having a great time with our BFFs or that we find everything he says so damn funny, so we laugh like hyenas under the guise of being more attractive. Uh, no. Being too giggly can actually make us look childish or high, so let’s not do it.
  3. Pretending we don’t want a relationship It’s so tempting to act cool and like we don’t really want a relationship if the guy we’re dating seems to be on that page or directly tells us that he’s into something casual. That just screws us over because then we end up wasting our time with a guy who’s not serious. Next, please!
  4. Reeling in the passion While it’s good to hit the brakes on laughing too much, cooling down our passion isn’t worth it. It’s good to show the world what makes us come alive—that’s what makes us really attractive. If we feel we have to be all calm and collected around a guy out of fear he’ll call us nuts for having a fired-up personality or ambition then the only thing that makes us mental is being with such a guy.
  5. Being carefree Something he does pisses us off but instead of saying something to him about it, we bite our tongues because we don’t want to seem like we’re full of drama. The problem with trying to avoid confrontation is that the issues we have build up until they start to make us feel angry, anxious, or hurt. It’s better to risk being seen as dramatic for peace of mind!
  6. Making our social media statuses about him We log onto Facebook and post a status update with our crush in mind. Maybe something along the lines of the football match that’s coming up on the weekend that we know he’ll be watching, in the hopes that he’ll “like” it. This isn’t a good way to impress him, especially if we’re trying to share his interests just to get him into bed. If it does flatter him, it won’t do so for long.
  7. Fixing him When we really like a guy and we think we can make his life better, we might try to be his nurse, mother, or psychologist to make him happier or help him deal with his issues. What a load of bull. Fixing him doesn’t impress him. It just shows him that he can take advantage of us. It’s sad but true: men usually make the most of a woman who tries to fix them and then move onto someone else who isn’t always at their beck and call.
  8. Playing hard to get when it’s not our thing We sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that we have to follow dating rules such as playing hard to get when meeting a guy. The problem is that if it’s not true to our dating style, waiting two whole days before calling ends up being a game. And playing games repels guys instead of impressing them.
  9. Talking about nuts exes who still call us It can be funny to share horror ex stories on a date, but if we’re basically telling the guy that we have nuts AF exes who are still stalking us, this doesn’t show him that we’re such catches. It just shows him that we’re doing something seriously wrong to keep attracting such psychos. He might actually think we’re the nuts ones. Yikes.
  10. Dropping pounds This is one method of impressing a guy that seriously has to die a long and painful death! If we feel we have to lose weight to keep or impress a guy, the only weight we should be dropping from our lives is him. Weight is like age or a bra size: it doesn’t define us and if a guy cares about any of those numbers, he shouldn’t get our number. Period.
  11. Clearing our schedules for them When a guy we really like wants to see us, we might try to change our lives around to accommodate him. A bit of compromise is important for both parties in a new relationship, but doing too much of it makes us way too available for our own good, which isn’t impressive. It makes him think we’ve been waiting around for him. Oh please. We have better things to do.
  12. Being superheroes Yes, we’re tough AF, but that doesn’t mean it’s a sin to be vulnerable. A guy who truly values us isn’t going to run for the hills the minute we express how we feel, cry because we’ve had a day from hell, or show him our weaknesses. Who said we had to have our acts together all the time to be worthy? That’s total BS.
  13. Getting a Brazilian It feels great to be hair-free, but if we’re only getting a Brazilian because the guy we’re dating wants us to have one, is it really worth it? No way. Let’s be real for a second: waxes are sore AF, can leave our skin inflamed, and give us a nasty rash. We’re only having them if we want them, not to impress some guy, OK?
  14. Trying to be like his ex When we glance over a guy’s Facebook timeline (read: stalk him) and see that his ex was so fashionable, had awesome blue hair, or knew how to speak Chinese, we might be tempted to try to do various things to make him think we’re just as awesome as, or better than, his ex. What a waste of our time! No guy should cause us to do backflips or jump through hoops, and besides, the last thing he wants is an ex-girlfriend clone. Forget being someone else and let’s just rock out with who we are—that’s where our magic lies.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.