Ladies, This Is How You Know A Guy Is Completely Crazy About You

Reading the signals when you’re in a relationship can feel like you’re trying to divine the meaning of life from some limp tea leaves. And when it comes to whether or not the guy you’re seeing really loves you, it can be downright anxiety-inducing trying to figure it out. Well, wonder no more — here are 10 ways that we guys show our special someones that we care:

  1. We actually tell you. Generally speaking, we guys are pretty straight shooters. We’re not that good at subterfuge. If we really love you, we’ll probably tell you. It might take a little while, but if we’re feeling it, we won’t generally hold it in for too long.
  2. We take a really active interest in the things you love. We’ll start to follow different people on social media, read books you recommend, listen to podcasts about topics you like, and brush up on all of our listening skills. We want to be someone you share your passion with, and to do that, we have to be interested in what you’re passionate about.
  3. We notice the tiny little annoyances you face (and do something about them). Little annoyances that are built into your life, so small you probably don’t even notice them, are things we want to help alleviate or at least help with slightly. If you take off your earrings every night before bed and always end up losing them, we might get you a little dish to put them in. If you’re forever buying cheap hair brushes, we might get you a nice one — that sort of stuff.
  4. We bring you into our world. We tell you about our jobs, what we want out of life, where we want to go and regrets we have. We’ll introduce you to important people in our lives and ask your opinion about how we should do things. Basically, we want to show you the world from our perspective so we can share it together.
  5. We put the work in on our long-term relationship. It’s total rubbish that relationships just thrive effortlessly, and if it’s not working, it’s never going to start on its own. The truth is, relationships DO take work, and when we’re absolutely in love with you, we’re all too willing to put in the extra work.
  6. We just do nice things for you. This doesn’t mean we’ll make grand romantic gestures all the time — I mean, that’s part of it for sure, but it’s more that we’ll start to just do nice stuff for you. If you’re having a bad day at work, we’ll have dinner ready when you get home. When you come over to our place, we’ll have a bottle of red that we know you like. It’s not the big stuff – love, like the devil, is in the details.
  7. We make it clear that we envision a future with you in it. When we’re really in love with a partner, our perception of reality and our future will shift from just focused on us to one that looks at both of us. And it’s not just that — we’ll start to say things like, “Where are we going to go on holiday this year?”, yes, but we’ll also start to think about whether or not going for a promotion is worth it because that might take us away from your job here. We basically start taking into consideration the fact that our lives are now entwined.
  8. We make the effort to spend time with you. Whether this means squeezing in a quick lunch because you’re crazy busy at work or skipping guys’ night out to spend a Saturday in with you, if we’re absolutely in love with you, spending time with you is an absolute priority.
  9. We stop hanging out with douchey friends who you (very rightfully) think are douchey. Or, we at least make sure you’re not around when we do. Everyone needs some time to be in their own space and, for a lot of guys, maintaining male friendships is always a priority. But when we really love someone, we’re all too happy to make sacrifices to make her   happy. If this means not inviting Crazy Dave to a party that we’re both going to, that’s fine.
  10. We want to be your best friend. At the end of the day, that’s what this all comes down to. We just want to be your bestie. Now, of course, you’re going to have your own best friend and that’s cool, but we want to make sure you know that we’re ready to help support you, be there for you, be mad with you, and help you through rough times — and hopefully, we can have a laugh or two along the way.
Spencer is a freelance writer who loves writing articles that are fun to read and easy to understand. When he's not writing, he's usually listening to podcasts and traveling the world searching for the elusive perfect croissant.