Lana Del Rey Stops Concert To Look For Her Lost Vape

Lana Del Rey Stops Concert To Look For Her Lost Vape Twitter/LDRCrave | Música Multishow

Stars: They’re just like us. So proved Lana Del Rey this weekend when she stopped mid-concert to ask the audience if they knew where she misplaced her vape. After all, you never know when you might need a few puffs of nicotine between songs!

While performing at Brazil’s MITA music festival in Sao Paulo, the singer was looking incredible and sounded even better, and fans were loving it. However, at one point, she put on a Southern accent and asked, “And also if you see my vape onstage, can you find my vape?”

As it turns out, it was a worthwhile request to make as it wasn’t long before an intrepid fan came across the e-cig and brought it to the stage. Lana Del Rey was overjoyed to be reunited with her vape… until she realized it had been all over the dirty ground of the pit. I bet she wouldn’t want to put her lips back on that thing!

“F*ck it,” she said as she walked back to the center of the stage and carried on with the performance.

It didn’t take long for a clip of the incident to go viral on social media, with fans raving over how “real” the 37-year-old is during her performances.

“She’s just like me fr fr,” one person remarked. Another added, “… The country accent, the way she picked up the mic, the f*ck it. ICONIC.”

While that specific vape may have been a bust in the end, I’m sure she had someone on her team who was able to run out and grab her a fresh one. Isn’t that one of the perks of being famous? Making people do petty stuff like that for you? That being said, let’s hope she’s not on the Elf bars or she might not be singing for much longer!

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