Lana Rhoades Says She’s Asexual & Wants Adult Movies Banned

Former adult film star Lana Rhoades has come out as “pretty much asexual” and admits she wants porn to be “illegal.” The 26-year-old quit the industry only eight months after joining at 19 and has been outspoken about the negative experiences she had ever since.

No good can come from porn. As Rhoades explained on a recent episode of The Skinny Confidential: “I don’t think it’s good for anybody.” To be honest, she may be right. The negative effects of watching too much porn have been well-documented, and that doesn’t even begin to cover what the actors go through.

Rhoades didn’t know what she was getting into when she joined the industry. “I also had only slept with one person at this point. So, I was very sexually inexperienced,” she recalled. “That’s why and for whatever reason I never comprehended that to do porn you actually have to have sex with people. It’s just the idea of, oh okay, I’m going to be like Anna Nicole Smith or I’m going to be like Holly Madison or this person it was like an idea in my head but I wasn’t mature enough to realize what actually went into it. And very, very quickly I realized this isn’t for me.”

She had no choice in who she had sex with or what acts she performed. Rhoades went on to admit that the realized porn was a job like any other and there were things she just *had* to do. “I mean, essentially you’re having to have sex with people that you didn’t choose to have sex with that you might not find attractive you might actually think that they’re disgusting and you have to have sex with them because it’s your job,” she said. “How should a 19-year-old girl be put in that position having to have sex with people that they don’t really don’t want to touch their body at all.”

After doing porn, Rhoades admits sex has been ruined for her in many ways. She said that she doesn’t “find people attractive” or “hook up” with any regularity. “Honestly, I’m pretty much asexual,” she admitted. “Pretty much like I never hook up with people, I don’t find people attractive, and I’ve always been like that it’s not like there’s like a change after doing porn.”

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