Landlord Murders 2 Tenants In Their Own Home Over Unpaid Rent

Landlord Murders 2 Tenants In Their Own Home Over Unpaid Rent Clark County Detention Center

A Las Vegas landlord killed two of his tenants and injured a third person in a dispute over unpaid rent. Arnoldo Lozano Sanchez, 78, is accused of shooting two female tenants dead and critically injuring a third man after claiming he’d “handle it his way” instead of attempting to evict the victims from the property, according to police.

  1. It was all one big joke to Sanchez. While murdering people in cold blood is no laughing matter, authorities claimed in an arrest affidavit obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Sanchez was laughing and smiling as he shot the women in their rooms. It’s unclear how much money the women owed him.
  2. He’d been stewing on his anger for days. Authorities say a witness reported that Sanchez had been angry for several days leading up to the shooting. The witness suggested evicting them through the courts, at which point Sanchez insisted that he would “handle it his way.”
  3. Another tenant in the property witnessed the whole thing. That man told police that the two female victims were screaming as Sanchez shot at them. Sanchez was then heard telling the male victim at the property that “he would not be able to run from him anymore.”
  4. The gun was found thrown in a bush outside the property. When police arrived, one of the victims was dead on the driveway while another was dead inside the house. The man who was injured had sustained multiple gunshot wounds but was able to walk out of the property, while the gun was just under a bush.
  5. Sanchez has been charged with murder and attempted murder. When he appeared in court, he reportedly told the judge: “I don’t know what I’m being accused of.” He was denied bail.
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