The Last Of Us Has Already Been Renewed For Season 2

The Last Of Us Has Already Been Renewed For Season 2 HBO

One of the most beloved PlayStation video games was recently brought to life on the small screen, and it’s already a massive hit. “The Last Of Us” premiered on January 15, 2023, and fans immediately fell in love with it. The show has done so well, in fact, that HBO has already renewed “The Last Of Us” for Season 2, Variety reports.

The show’s executive producer, Neil Druckmann, was also a writer and creative director of the game upon which it’s based. He issued a statement in response to the renewal expressing his happiness at how well it’s done.

“I’m humbled, honored, and frankly overwhelmed that so many people have tuned in and connected with our retelling of Joel and Ellie’s journey. The collaboration with Craig Mazin, our incredible cast & crew, and HBO exceeded my already high expectations,” Druckmann said.

“Now we have the absolute pleasure of being able to do it again with season two! On behalf of everyone at Naughty Dog & PlayStation, thank you!”

What is “The Last of Us” about?

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If you’re unfamiliar with “The Last of Us,” the story is set in a world decimated by a mutated version of the Cordyceps fungus that has turned pretty much everyone into zombies. Living in this world is Ellie (Bella Ramsey), who happens to be immune to the fungus’ effects. She may be the key to a cure, but first, she has to make her way across the country, which is where smuggler Joel (Pedro Pascal) comes in.

The response to “The Last of Us,” which had only aired two episodes at the time of its renewal for Season 2, is no surprise. It already has a 97% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and more than 22 million Americans have watched the premiere since its debut. Given its tremendous success, it was a no-brainer to offer showrunners more episodes.

“I’m so grateful to Neil Druckmann and HBO for our partnership, and I’m even more grateful to the millions of people who have joined us on this journey,” said executive producer and showrunner Craig Mazin. “The audience has given us the chance to continue, and as a fan of the characters and world Neil and Naughty Dog created, I couldn’t be more ready to dive back in.”

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