Woman Who Married Her High School Bully Says He’s A Changed Man

A Utah woman who married her high school bully insists he’s a changed man. Lauren Enslow, 20, was relentlessly teased for months on end by 21-year-old Lucas Olsen when they were teenagers. However, now they’re more in love than ever.

When they were in school, Lucas and his friends would follow Lauren around and film her in the hallways. He also called her “Linda,” referencing the “Bob’s Burgers” character of the same name. While his harassment may seem relatively mild, it was still completely inappropriate (not to mention immature).

However, Lauren is over it. In fact, she looks back on that time with fondness. “It’s funny that I can call him my high school bully and high school sweetheart,” she said, per SWNS. “I have forgiven him. I’ll still tease him about sometimes. He used to call me Linda from Bob’s Burgers and I didn’t like being compared to her at all. I hated him then.”

Things changed between them after Lauren got into an accident with her mom and sister, which Lucas witnessed. From there, a romantic relationship blossomed.

“I got a soft spot for him when he reached out after my accident. We ended up developing feelings for each other,” Lauren recalls. “People say they would never have forgiven him, but I can’t base his personality off who he was for three months when he was 16.”

As for Lucas, he admits his behavior in high school was “silly.” These days, he’s a whole different person.

“Looking back now I just think it was silly,” Lucas explains. “When you are that young you think things like that are funny. And of course me and my friends thought it was funny. I never actually thought she looked like that cartoon character, my friends and I were just coming up with characters to compare Lauren and all her friends to as a joke, that ended up going a little too far.”

After Lauren’s accident (in which no one was hurt, thankfully), Lucas stopped teasing her. A few months later, they started dating. By July 2022, he asked her to marry him.

“He took me to the top of a mountain to watch some fireworks,” Lauren shares. “Then he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. I had been a bit suspicious but still very shocked when it actually happened.”

Lauren Enslow and Lucas Olsen said “I do” in October 2022.

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