Law Student Crowdfunding For Breast Reduction Of 34J Cleavage That’s ‘Ruining Her Life’

A British law student has started a GoFundMe page in the hope of crowdfunding the money needed for her breast reduction surgery. Amber Roach, 20, said that her 34J cleavage causes her daily “agony” and is “ruining her life,” which is why she needs to go under the knife. She’s hoping to raise £5,000 to get the surgery privately after the NHS canceled the procedure thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Amber can’t even play sports because of her large breasts. According to Amber, her cleavage weighs nearly 15 pounds on its own, making it impossible for her to be active because of the “agony” she experiences when they bounce around. “I loved football, rugby, trampolining and athletics 1,500m and 400m. But it is now three years since I have been able to run and even then I had to wear two bras and tuck in my arms,” she recalled. “It’s so frustrating because I can’t have the stress release of sport.”
  2. In Amber’s case, big boobs are anything but a blessing. “Everyone always thinks of big boobs as a good thing and I know, in so many ways, I am blessed, but the truth is they are ruining my life,” she told The Sun. That’s because in addition to the physical discomfort, her physique causes her mental and emotional anguish too.
  3. Even total strangers are awful about her chest. “I endure emotional stress as people naturally stare, point or ask me if they are real and some people shout sexual and derogatory comments on the street or worse,” she wrote on her GoFundMe page. “I do not want this negative attention.”
  4. Dealing with men is a whole other nightmare. It’s not just strangers that make cruel comments about Amber’s boobs. She can’t even think about dating since men are “just talking about [her] boobs all the time.” However, she insists that’s definitely not the reason she wants the reduction. “Men are the last reason I am doing this. I need to be able to live a normal life before I can even think about a bloke,” she explained.
  5. Thankfully, she seems to have raised enough money for the procedure. At the time of writing, Amber had surpassed her goal. Here’s hoping she’s able to have the life-changing surgery soon!
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