Lay’s Has 3 New Chip Flavors For Summer That You’ll Want At All Your BBQs

Lay’s Has 3 New Chip Flavors For Summer That You’ll Want At All Your BBQs Lay's

I’m of the opinion that all chips are good chips, but some flavors are a little extra delicious. Most of the time, I tend to go for a variation of BBQ and I’m a fan of ridged/wavy chips more than standard ones, but I’m not one to discriminate. This summer, Lay’s is bringing out three brand new flavors that sound absolutely delicious and are bound to be a must-have for every BBQ. You’ll find me by the food table!

lay's new chip flavorsLay's

  1. First up, it’s Lay’s Chili Mango. Everyone knows sweet and spicy go perfectly together, and this couldn’t be a more classic summer flavor if it tried. These chips have the flavor of mango but then they’re kicked up a notch with the heat and tang of chile peppers.
  2. Lay’s Summer BLT sound equally delightful. When the weather is hot, the last thing you want is a bunch of heavy food weighing you down. I tend to go for something lighter, and a BLT is a summer classic, so I’m especially looking forward to this flavor. As you can probably imagine, the flavors here are lettuce and tomato with that meaty overlay of bacon. Perfection.
  3. Finally, Lay’s Wavy Jerk Chicken is up. Sweet, spice, and smoke all come together to bring jerk into chip form for that ultimate island feel. Imagine how good a pile of these would go with some hot dogs and hamburgers from the grill? (Then again, that could be said for any of these flavors).
  4. They’re available for a limited time only. As you can probably imagine, summery flavors like this are specific to the season, so these bad boys won’t be around forever. That means if you like them, you’ll have to live life to the fullest and eat your fill while they’re still available. Don’t worry – they should be on shelves at least until early autumn, so you don’t have to rush too much.
  5. However, they’re not out just yet. Lay’s hasn’t announced an official release date but they’ll be out soon, so keep your eyes peeled. New chip flavors are upon us!
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