I Left My Boyfriend Because He Said I Was Ugly Without Makeup

Some guys only care about looks and consider the women in their lives as nothing more than eye candy and pretty little accessories to have on their arms to make themselves look better. I dated one of these jerks and it was the worst. He’d only go out in public with me if I was wearing makeup and basically told me I was ugly without it. Obviously, he’s not my boyfriend anymore.

  1. Newsflash, buddy: women don’t wear makeup for men. When I wear makeup, I do it for me because when I look my best, I feel my best and most confident. I’m not doing it for a guy’s benefit but this douche thought I was. It was all fine and well when I was in the mood to get glammed up, but when I felt like chilling out and going out with a bare face, he wasn’t having it. WTF?
  2. I have enough self-esteem to know that I’m beautiful either way. Yeah, I may have dark under-eye circles and hyperpigmented skin, but I’m still beautiful. Makeup doesn’t define who I am—it isn’t even a small piece of me. I’m smart, funny, and have a lot to offer to someone who actually deserves me. My ex clearly didn’t.
  3. All the best things about me still exist without makeup. I love and accept my face and body, flaws and all, but I also don’t consider either of them to be the Top 10 list of my best features. I value my brain way more, and that’s still sharp as a tack even when I’m not wearing makeup. The fact that my ex only valued me when I was under six layers of foundation and false eyelashes was demoralizing and terrible. Thankfully, I now know I deserve better.
  4. I stopped wearing it just to make him mad. My ex wanted me to look hot according to his standards 24/7 and it was exhausting. Instead, I started to dress how I wanted and stopped wearing makeup altogether for a while and it was amazing. I loved being comfortable in my own skin. One night, we were getting ready to go out and he told me to put on makeup before we left. I refused, so he refused to go out with me. I ended our relationship that night.
  5. I know it’s petty, but my ex-boyfriend wasn’t even that good-looking. How can you tell someone they need to constantly have makeup on when you aren’t even a 10? My boyfriend could have used some makeup too, but you didn’t see me forcing it on him because I’m not that shallow and I loved him just as he was. I feel like if someone’s going to be judgmental about appearance, they should at least be hotter than me, right?
  6. My new boyfriend likes me better without makeup. He thinks I’m beautiful when I wear makeup but he’s just as into me when I don’t—he doesn’t have a particular preference as long as I’m comfortable and happy. He’s more into all the amazing stuff I have inside of me, and that’s how a good relationship should be. I’m way better off with someone who sees me for who I am and cares more about what’s beneath the surface.
  7. Real men know real beauty. What makes a woman beautiful is how strong, confident, ambitious, courageous, kind, and caring she is, not how much makeup she can layer on her face. My outside beauty is just a small part of who I am, and that’s the same for old women. Guys who are only into us for our appearances are a total waste of time.