LEGO Is Releasing A ‘Friends’ Set For The Show’s 25th Anniversary LEGO

LEGO Is Releasing A ‘Friends’ Set For The Show’s 25th Anniversary

It’s crazy to think that this year marks 25 years since Friends debuted on our TV screens but it has. The show continues to gain new fans of all ages and it’s easy to see why—it’s charming, funny, and like no other sitcom out there. Plenty of businesses have cashed in on the Friends love with themed merchandise, but the LEGO Friends set is probably the best.

LEGO is bringing Central Perk to life. The LEGO brand is known for bringing some pretty iconic TV and movie franchises to life, from Jurassic World to Harry Potter and more. However, something tells me the Friends one is going to be one of their most memorable. The set features all the pieces you need to build your own Central Perk. How amazing is that?

There are more than 1,000 pieces. There are a total of 1,070 pieces in the Friends LEGO set—whoa! You’ll get tables and chairs, coffee machines and cups, the Friends themselves (of course), and even accessories like a guitar for Phoebe to sing “Smelly Cat.”

The outer facade is pretty awesome too. You can build up Central Perk so that it looks like the exterior of the shop used in the show, which is pretty cool. The inside corners of the shop also have camera rigs like the ones used in the filming of the series, so LEGO aren’t missing a beat here. Ugh, I need this NOW!

The Friends LEGO set isn’t out until September. You’ll be able to grab the Friends LEGO set from September 1st and it’ll be available for $59.99, which is a bargain considering how many pieces you get and how detailed the set is when built. It’ll be available via the LEGO store online HERE and in shops, so keep your eyes peeled and grab it as soon as it hits shelves.

LEGO Friends setLEGO

LEGO Friends setLEGO

LEGO Friends setLEGO

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