Can’t Have Pets? These LEGO-Like Building Blocks Let You Create Your Own Life-Sized Cat

There’s literally nothing more depressing than wanting to adopt a pet but being unable to, perhaps because you work too much or your landlord doesn’t allow animals or whatever other reason. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a little feline friend in your life… of sorts. Jekca Limited is a company that offers LEGO-like building blocks for “kidults,” and they even have a whole set that lets you build your own life-sized cat!

This is not for the faint of heart. Building your own cat out of blocks may seem like it’d be easy, but there are a lot of pieces and it’s likely to be a lengthy affair. Smaller kids may have trouble putting it together, but that’s okay, because Jekca’s sets are aimed at the kid inside all of us actual adults. What better weekend project can you think of than building your own cat?

There are literally 18 different breeds of cats to choose from. You don’t have to pick between, say, a black cat or an orange and white striped one. In fact, Jekca has 18 different varieties so you can have the kitty of your dreams. Better yet, they all build to sit and stand in different poses.

Theoretically, you could have tons of cats… Since these aren’t real animals, meaning you don’t need to feed them, take them to the vet, and buy kitty litter all the time, you could potentially have, I dunno, a dozen cats to call your own. Who would complain (except maybe your roommate or something, but they’ll come around to the idea).

Each of the sets range from $40 to $65. Not bad considering you’re getting a life-sized cat out of the deal, plus hours of entertainment actually building it. You can see the full collection (which includes other sets besides cats, by the way) and make your purchase on Jekca’s website HERE.

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