If You Let Him In Too Fast, Don’t Be Surprised If He Leaves Just As Quickly

You might think your luck’s come in when a guy falls head over heels for you so quickly, but starting things too fast only makes it more likely that things will backfire once reality sets in. Before putting all your eggs in one basket, beware of the following bad omens:

  1. His relationship track record is sketchy at best. Sure, people change, and you could be the one to turn it all around for him — but you still have to face the facts. If he has a proven track record of being a player or hopping from girl to girl, you need to be careful. He might just know how to say all the right things to make the most of his short time with you.
  2. You met the parents within the first month. The introduction to the parents is a big deal. If you’re meeting them so early on, you need to ask yourself why. It’s one thing if you’re invited for a formal introduction and a dinner with the folks, but if he has zero issues with letting you meet Ma and Pa in a super casual setting, and they’re super casual about it too, he’s probably done this a time or two before with other women who are now yesterday’s news.
  3. He hasn’t had a real long term relationship, or he just got out of one. If he’s not the settling down type, or if he’s just gotten out of a long-term thing, you could be just another conquest or a rebound option. He maximizes his time with you by simulating a relationship to feel the closeness he desires, but it’s likely he’s not ready for the real deal.
  4. He starts planning your future within the first few weeks. If you’ve been dating for like, a month and he’s already planning trips with you six months to a year down the road, you’ll probably be pretty stoked — but watch out. Planning something as big as a vacation together when you hardly even know each other can be a major red flag. Sure, it could be true love too, but that’s pretty rare.
  5. He got way too comfortable, way too quickly. If he’s farting in front of you after only a week, not only did he just excel the speed of comfort for himself, but he just cut the honeymoon period short before it even really began. Making himself cozy in your living room and showing up at your place in stained sweatpants from the get-go can be a sign he’s going to fall out of his lust haze just as easily as he fell into it.
  6. He wants to hang out with you 24/7. It’s always awesome when the guy you like wants to spend of time with you right away, but getting so close so quickly can be overwhelming — even for you. You might want to slow the pace if you see things moving this way, or you’ll only speed the process of him jumping ship completely. It’s not just about him coming in fast, it’s about you allowing him to as well.
  7. He’s all talk, little action. If he talks a big game and paints pictures of a bright future together and you haven’t so much as brushed your teeth at his place, be on high alert. If many of the things he talks about doing with you never come to light, it’s because he’s talking up a big game he’s not even remotely ready to participate in fully.
  8. He’s almost too charming. We’ve all heard of that smooth talker guy who says all the right things and precisely the moments you need to hear them, and the in fast, out fast guy knows them all too well. After all, if he seems too good to be true, he probably is.