LG Unveils Gigantic 325-Inch TV For The Most Extreme Home Cinema Ever

I feel like it’s fair to say that I really love TV. Whether it’s streaming shows on Netflix or Hulu or watching what’s actually on terrestrial television (which is occasionally enjoyable), there’s just nothing better than getting immersed into a good binge-watch session, right? If you feel the same, you may want to spruce up (or start) your own home cinema with LG’s new gigantic 325-inch TV that’s probably bigger than any wall in my apartment, but whatever!

It’s literally called The Extreme Home Cinema. LG wasn’t playing around with this bad boy, offering an insane 325 inches of TV goodness at its widest. It has Direct View LED technology and it can even be customized to be a bit smaller if it won’t quite fit your space but you want the same features. “Available in various sizes and performance levels, LG’s home cinema displays take the guesswork out of configuring which DVLED screen is right for you,” the company says on its website.

There’s literally nothing more you could ever want from a TV. You’re not just getting a really big screen here. LG has created the Extreme Home Cinema to offer “2K to 8K configurations with screen sizes from 108″ to a show-stopping 325″, these solutions come with virtually everything you need, except the popcorn.” I’m sold!

This one isn’t for us commoners, I’m afraid. As you can probably imagine, you’d likely need to live in a mansion and be super rich to be able to have the space for it and the money to buy it in the first place. After all, a 325-inch TV doesn’t come cheap!

LG hasn’t actually said how much the Extreme Home Cinema will cost. However, if you want a little hint, just getting one installed and purchasing the warranty and support costs $30,000, so that should tell you what you’re in for.


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