Life’s Too Short To Settle For Dating A Lame Dude

We’ve all come across that guy who fools you into thinking he’s great and then seemingly overnight, you find out he’s not who you thought he was. He doesn’t treat you well and quite frankly, he doesn’t care how it makes you feel. You try your best to be what he wants you to be, but at a certain point, you need to care about yourself more than you care about him. You want the life you’re living to be an amazing one and your time here is too short to waste on spending it with a jerk.

As long as you’re breathing, you still have tons of time.

Even if the sea of jerks seems endless, it’s not the end of the road and you’re not running out of time. As scary as it seems, you’re not actually destined to end up settling on someone who isn’t what you ultimately want, nor will you end up alone entirely. That perfect guy for you will cross your path eventually. You just have to be patient.

Having a guy to love isn’t your sole purpose in life.

Sometimes you need to take a step back from the modern dating culture to gain some perspective and gather your bearings. You’re exhausted. You’re fed up. You’re sick of meeting morons who are only in it for themselves. There’s more to your life than having a guy, so try to check yourself before you get caught up in the cycle of playing leap frog with jerks.

You can slay your life in other ways.

You’re a strong and capable woman. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t have survived the liars, players, and losers of your past. Use the time you have in the absence of love to kill it in your life in other ways. Chase your dreams no matter how big they seem. You’re meant for so much more than just being some guy’s wife someday.

You know better than to stick around to allow a guy to behave like an idiot.

If you’re holding on to a guy who isn’t making you happy, you know deep down what you need to do so stand up and take back what’s rightfully yours — it’s your life and your happiness.

You command your respect by avoiding the losers and their loser behavior.

Every time you let a guy get away with treating you like a doormat, you lose his respect. It might not be fair, but it’s just how things work. The best way to command your respect from guys isn’t to shout “Treat me better!” at the top of your lungs — it’s simply just refusing to put up with BS and walking away from it as soon as it starts.

Being miserable and mistreated isn’t part of real love.

Too many women get sucked into toxic relationships with toxic men who don’t deserve them. Don’t allow yourself to be one of them. Real love is about mutual respect, courtesy and the willingness of two people to work together to keep the love alive. Stop spending your energies on the guys who aren’t willing to rise to the occasion.

You should love yourself more than any guy, always.

You’re the number one priority in your life no matter what, so stop selling yourself short just to have someone around — it’ll only make you seem desperate. You’re not desperate to have a guy in your life because you can and have been making your life happy and fulfilled without one all along. Keep doing you and loving your own life first. It’ll feel better to love the right guy from a place of strength than to be completely jaded and miserable from the endless streak of jerks.

You’re better than the BS guys dish out these days.

You’ve put up with a ton of crap already, so why would you put yourself through any more? You’ve been ghosted, lead on, lied to and you’ve had your time wasted enough. Stand your ground and make a statement to yourself by blocking the jerks at the entrance to your heart. They don’t deserve the pass to get in.

You can’t change a guy, but you can change what you allow in your life.

You can choose to get stuck with a guy who won’t treat you right just to say you have someone in your life or you can choose not to settle and wait it out for someone who will make you feel loved and appreciated every day and in every single way. You’re not the type to settle, so keep not settling and wave these boneheads GOODBYE from your life. You only get one shot at living your life to the fullest, so don’t waste it by settling on dating a lame dude. You can do better and you know it.

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