Does He Like You Or Love You? Here Are 15 Important Differences

You think he “might” love you or “maybe” he sees a future with you? Love isn’t so uncertain. When it’s real love, you’ll know. Of course, it helps to look to his behavior for signs. Here are some worth noting the next time you’re spending time with your boyfriend:

  1. He wants to know everything about you. Not just where you went to college and what you want out of life, but what you dream about, what makes you angry, what your weaknesses are, and more. A guy who likes you will want to know everything that’s great about you, but a guy who loves you will want the good, bad, and ugly.
  2. He enjoys time with you. He’ll do this when he likes and loves you, so how can you tell the difference? When he’s in love, he won’t only enjoy your dates, but he’ll make sure that your dates progress. They’re not just “hanging out” time. You feel that you’re moving towards something special and learning more about him with every date.
  3. He’s open about his feelings. He’s clear about having romantic feelings for you, which shows you he really likes you. If he loves you, though, he’ll take this one step further. He’ll be able to hold back, not get into a whirlwind romance. Love is a marathon, not a sprint.
  4. He takes you on real datesHe makes you feel special by planning dates. He’s not just meeting for drinks every weekend, which is how a guy who just likes you will coast through your relationship.
  5. He stares at you. When he likes you, he might stare you in a way that makes you feel he’s undressing you. That’s lust, not love! When he gazes into your eyes during conversation and you feel a real soul connection when you make eye contact, that’s love.
  6. He’s got the “f” word on his mind. He talks to you about his future and where he sees himself, but he makes sure you know that you’re in the picture he has of his future. You’re headed there together. He says “we” instead of “I.”
  7. He likes PDA. He doesn’t have to like a lot of PDA, but a kiss and holding hands are great signs he’s into you. How into you? If he can do those things in front of his friends or other people he knows, he’s making it clear that he’s in love with you.
  8. He calls you when he says. That’s a great sign he’s into you. But when he can let you use his phone without looking alarmed and he doesn’t rush out the room to answer calls, he’s in love with nothing to hide.
  9. He’s a master flirt. When a guy likes or loves you, he’ll be paying you compliments and flirting with you. But a guy who loves you will be sure to back up his flirts with real feelings. He’ll share that he’s falling for you so that it’s out in the open. No hidden agendas, and his charm feels special instead of sleazy.
  10. He makes small and big gestures. A guy who’s into you and enjoys your company might try to impress you with big romantic gestures, like sourcing your favorite wine or taking you on a hot air balloon ride. But a guy who loves you won’t depend on those gestures alone. He’ll show you he loves you every day with small gestures of kindness.
  11. He wants to go to bed with you. It’s lust if he’s dying to get you into his bedroom. But if he loves you, he’ll want to have sex but also fall asleep with you in his arms. He’s not afraid to be really intimate with you in many different ways, not just physically.
  12. He puts your happiness ahead of his. The difference between a guy who likes you and a man who loves you is that a guy who likes you will try to make you happy, but a guy who loves you will put your happiness ahead of his. So, for instance, if he knows that you don’t like going to watch soccer even though he’s crazy about it, he’ll rather spend the afternoon with you.
  13. He tells you he loves you without the endorphin rush. A guy who tells you he loves you during sex is dodgy AF. When a guy really loves you, he’ll find little ways to tell you and show you. He won’t need sex or lust to motivate him.
  14. He asks for your opinion. A guy who likes you might value your opinion on little things, like what shirt goes with his new tie. A guy who loves you will want your opinion on more important matters, even when he doesn’t need another person’s advice because he knows what decision to make. He’s asking because you matter to him.
  15. He’s all about your pleasure. He makes your pleasure a priority during sex so that you have amazing orgasms. That shows you he likes you. When he loves you, he’ll make the same amount of effort outside of the bedroom. That’s the difference!
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.