What It’s Like Being The Only One Of Your Friends With Kids

Sometimes, your friends just don’t seem to understand. They think it’s great you’re a mom, but they still expect you to be exactly the same person as you used to be. Trying to balance a relationship, a child, and your friends seems like an endless battle with no end in sight. If only they truly understood the struggles you face.

  1. You’d rather sleep than go out. With a baby crying all night, you just want to sleep whenever you get the chance. Your friends don’t understand why you’re so tired. They keep calling and texting trying to get you to go out. You’d love to trade places for just one day.
  2. They’re annoyed when you bring your kid along. Money’s tight and you’d rather not leave your kid with a babysitter all the time. Your child is a part of your life now, but your friends seem to think you shouldn’t ever bring them with you. You just wish they’d all bond so you would have a free babysitter sometimes.
  3. Moving the car seat is a pain in the ass. It never fails that when you do go out, your friends want to ride with you. They don’t seem to get how hard it is to move the damn car seat every time.
  4. You start acting like a mom. You have to catch yourself from licking your finger and wiping dirt from your friends’ cheeks. You’re constantly telling them to be careful and advising them not to drink so much over the weekend. Yes, you’ve turned into the mom of the group.
  5. You live for their stories. When your best stories involve something weird your kid stuck up their nose, you start living for your friends’ stories. You love hearing about their hookups, breakups and drunken karaoke, because they’re all things of the past for you.
  6. You can’t figure out why they’re not growing up. All those stories lead you to one big question: why the hell aren’t your friends growing up? Yes, it makes you feel old, but you figure if you’ve done it, then they should grow up, too.
  7. They get pissed when you’re always busy. Your friends think taking care of a kid is easy, but they’re still childless, so they don’t get it. They don’t understand that you have other responsibilities now and can’t just go hang out whenever.
  8. They expect you to have all the answers. Since you’re the adult with a great relationship and a kid, you obviously have all the answers. They bombard you with questions about finding the right guy, what they’re doing wrong, and how to make their own relationship work. Honestly, you don’t know how you did it, either.
  9. No one ever wants to babysit. Your friends still love you and want to hang out all the time… except when you need a babysitter. Suddenly, no one calls or texts back. It’s the one time you can’t find anybody.
  10. A night out means going to your child’s events. By the time your kid’s five or six, a night out means taking everyone to their first dance recital or perfect attendance award ceremony. You’re proud and you want to show them off to all your friends.
  11. Your friends think your personal hell is hilarious. The more you bitch about how hard it is raising a child and keeping your relationship on track, the funnier your friends think it is. You don’t find it funny at all, but you’d love to invite them into your own personal little hell.
  12. You wish you had more mom friends. You love your friends, but sometimes it’d be nice to talk to another mom, besides your own. You want friends with kids the same age as yours so you can have play dates and go to lunch without looking for a babysitter.
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