Lingerie Model Helps Mom Escape Prison By Distracting Guard

An Instagram model is now on trial in Colombia for allegedly helping her mother break out of prison by creating a diversion to distract guards. Aída Victoria Merlano Manzanero is accused of concocting the plan with her mother, Aída Merlano Rebolledo, which involved a local dentist. They almost got away with it too!

  1. Their plan was nearly a success. Manzanero is said to have gone with her brother to a local dentist’s office when she knew their mother had an appointment scheduled. There, Robolledo handed her mom a rope stored inside a backpack and Robolledo managed to climb out of the window and out to freedom.
  2. Rebolledo’s escape was caught on camera. Local news outlet El Tiempo shared footage of the escape, which was caught on surveillance camera. The clip showed Rebolledo, who was in prison for election crimes, scaling down the side of the three-story building before a motorcycle pulled up and took her away.
  3. Manzanero and her brother chatted to guards throughout. They took the guards’ attention the entire time their mother abseiled down the building so that she was able to get away without interruption. Rebolledo was eventually found in Venezuela and returned to Colombia to face trial.
  4. Manzanero and the dentist are facing charges because of Robelledo’s escape. Manzanero and dentist, Javier Cely Barajas, are being accused of being accomplices in Robelledo’s escape. Rebolledo had been convicted of voter fraud, illegal possession of weapons, and corruption. While she was sentenced to 15 years behind bars in Bogota, she served only two weeks before escaping.
  5. Manzanero doesn’t regret what she did in the slightest. In an Instagram video posted last week, Manzanero shared that she felt confident in her decision and in the trial moving forward.


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