Listen Up, Guys: Here’s How To Kiss A Girl

A lot of guys don’t seem to understand how much of a big deal kissing is. They pay attention to everything else but not how to kiss a girl. Well, newsflash! Whether you’re just meeting her for the first time or you guys have been friends for a long time, the first kiss determines whether you’ll ever hear from her again or see her more often. Guys, before you kiss a girl, keep these tips in mind.

  1. Make sure she’s into it/you have consent. You may be nuts about a girl but are unsure if your feelings are reciprocated. Before making a move to kiss her, it’s important to make sure she’s on the same page and that you have her consent. Make your feelings known to her. Study how she acts when talking to you, how she touches you, and how close she likes to be around you. Her words and actions should help you decode her feelings for you. Acting on an assumption could lead to you embarrassing yourself or violating her. If all else fails, simply ask her if it’s okay. You can make that romantic too if you play your cards right! Obviously, if you’re already dating, you can pretty much assume you’re good to go, but don’t forget to read the room a bit before laying it on her.
  2. Make sure you have good breath. For most girls, bad breath is a major turn-off. While some may be kind enough to tell you about it, others may block you straight up. Keep in mind that foods like dairy, onion, and garlic can cause your breath to stink. So, before taking a girl out on a date, brush your teeth and your tongue thoroughly. You can also use mouthwash. When you go out to eat, take some breath fresheners along with you. Good breath helps to build your confidence to kiss a girl without worrying about your breath being offensive.
  3. Your lips should be kissable. Chapped lips can cause you to have an awkward kissing experience. The flaky skin may get in the way of doing it right. There’s also the issue of your appearance. Dry or cracked lips might give a girl a poor impression of your personal hygiene and you certainly do not want that. For treatment, you can try remedies like lip balms or ointments. You can also opt for some gentle lip exfoliation.
  4. Don’t make it a public affair. A girl may decline to kiss you simply because the area is crowded. It’s worse when you haven’t kissed her before. She could be shy and if so, being around many people could make it harder for her to loosen up. The ideal spot should be a private and quiet place where she can relax and be comfortable around you. You can suggest taking a walk together, seeing a movie, or having a picnic. You could also ask her if she has any particular place in mind.
  5. Flirt with her a bit. Don’t be in a hurry to skip to the chase and kiss her. Slow and steady can help you win the race in this one. Throw some sweet words her way when you want to kiss her. It could be by complimenting her looks or expressing how wonderful she makes you feel. Girls love to be complimented and flirting a little will help set the mood. From her demeanor, try to decipher when it’s right to go for the kiss.

Other tips to nail your kiss with a girl

how to kiss a girl

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  1. Maintain eye contact and make sure to smile. It’s normal to be shy around a girl you like, but if you’re dying to kiss her, you have to brush off your timidity. Girls love it when you stare and smile at them. It gives off the vibe that you’re confident about how you feel about them. So, maintain eye contact before you kiss her lips and make sure your face shows just how happy you are to be around her.
  2. Please, relax and be at ease. As the goal is to set the mood for a romantic kiss, it’s vital that you’re not too stressed about it or in your head the whole time because the girl will definitely pick up on that. Calm your nerves and go gently; there’s no hurry and no one way to have an amazing kiss. Relax and let it be fun.
  3. Read her body language. When you’re out with a girl you like, you can’t always tell if and when she wants you to kiss her. Paying attention to her demeanor can offer a bit more clarity. If she bites or licks her lips while staring at you, that’s a good sign. Another example could be if she leans her body towards you to be as close as possible or is extra touchy-feely.
  4. Go for more than a little peck. You don’t have to be a fantastic kisser to kiss a girl for the first time. You can play it simple with a French kiss. Ensure that you’re standing close to her, slowly tilt your head forward, close your eyes and crush her lips gently. As you kiss her, open your mouth to see whether she’ll slip her tongue in. If she does, then it’s a green light to use your tongue as well.
  5. Kiss her with passion. If she’s worth kissing, then you should kiss her with passion. No matter how long or short it lasts, make it memorable and unforgettable. Allow your lips to show off the intensity of your feelings for her and you won’t go wrong.