This Little Boy Is Best Friends With A 5-Foot Skeleton And It’s Super Cute

What’s so great about little kids is that they don’t discriminate when it comes to friends. They don’t care about race, sexuality, religion, or even species. One special little boy named Theo is a perfect example of this, because his new best friend happens to be 5-foot tall plastic skeleton named Benny. They’re absolutely inseparable and a true example of the innocence and imagination of children.

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My son is obsessed with this skeleton.

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  1. There’s nothing they don’t do together. Whether they’re going out in the car or reading a bedtime story, wherever Theo is, there you’ll find Benny. They go to the beach together, read books together, and even watch movies. It truly is a deep and abiding friendship. In fact, Benny even sleeps in Theo’s room at night!
  2. Theo doesn’t seem to mind that Benny doesn’t talk back. Benny is an extremely patient friend, there to sit and listen to anything Theo has to say without interrupting him or getting distracted. No doubt Theo loves having such a captive audience.
  3. So where did Benny actually come from? As Theo’s mom explained on an Instagram Live video, Theo found the skeleton after the family’s basement flooded and they were moving things out of the way of the water. Once Theo discovered Benny, he refused to go anywhere without him, and this special friendship was formed.
  4. Hopefully their friendship lasts a long time to come! It doesn’t look like Theo has any plans on letting Benny out of his sight anytime soon, so something tells me his mom basically has two kids now instead of one! This is so sweet!

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