All 9 Seasons Of ‘Little House On The Prairie’ Are Now On Amazon Prime

If you’re like me and you grew up watching reruns of Little House on the Prairie AND you’re nostalgic to a fault, you’re going to love this: all nine seasons of the classic show are now available to stream on Amazon Prime. I know what I’m doing this weekend!

  1. Who doesn’t love Michael Landon? Seriously, he was like the best dad EVER on the planet when I was a kid, and… I kinda still feel that way now as an adult too, to be honest. He was just so caring, loving, and hard-working. How could you not love him?
  2. The whole Ingalls family was wonderful. I feel a deep sense of love for Charles, Caroline, Mary, Laura, and Carrie. They’re all close to my heart in different ways. For an only child like me, they made me feel like I had a giant family that was full of fun and adventure and reliving that as an adult is such a wholesome experience. We need more wholesome things in this world!!
  3. They don’t make TV shows like this anymore. Well, I suppose there’s Anne of Green Gables, which is somewhat vaguely similar, but you know what I mean. Little House on the Prairie aired from 1974 to 1983, which was just a totally different era not just in the world but in pop culture. There’s an inherent simplicity in Little House that just makes you yearn for the olden days (even if you never lived them).
  4. If you get bored of the latest Netflix shows, hit up Little House. It’ll make you feel like a kid again and also just be a nice thing to chill out and watch without having to think too hard about. The plots are easy to follow, the stories are heartwarming, and the whole thing is just great. I think I’ll put on an episode now.
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