Little Signs That Show He’s Not Crazy About You Which You Shouldn’t Ignore

You know the big signs that a guy’s into you, but what about the smaller signs that he’s NOT crazy about you? Honestly, you deserve to feel and see 100 percent love — crazy, mad love — from him, but if you notice any of these things, it’s probably not forthcoming.

  1. He hates all kinds of PDA. Okay, lots of people don’t like to get too up close and personal in public, but it’s strange if he doesn’t like any sort of affection. If he moves away when you hug him, doesn’t hold your hand, and stands at least three steps away from you, it’s weird and shady and makes you feel like you’ve got some sort of contagious disease.
  2. He avoids taking pictures with you. It’s fine for him not to want to be in photos, but if a third party wants to take a photo of the two of you together and he bails out of it every time, that’s worrying. It’s one thing to hate pictures but quite another for him to make you feel awkward or hurt because he doesn’t want to smile for the camera with you on his arm.
  3. He ignores your dislike of things he does. If you’ve told him that you don’t like certain things he does because they hurt you, like negging you or not making time for your best friends, and he still does them, this is disrespectful. A guy who’s crazy about you will care about you and not want to upset you — ever.
  4. He texts but is never available when you call. These days, it seems like texting is the common way to stay in touch and calling is reserved for when something important needs to be discussed ASAP. What happens if you call him up one day? Does he answer your call or does he ignore it? If this happens often, it’s a bad sign — even if he’s always texting you. His behavior says, “I’m cool to chat to you regularly but don’t call me if you need something urgent.” Great.
  5. He seems bored or distracted when you’re together. When you hang out together, there are often long awkward silences. Or, he ends up doing his own thing when you’re spending time at his house as though you’re just part of the furniture. You might think it’s a good sign that he can feel comfortable around you, but it’s actually a sign he’s bored or not into making an effort.
  6. You’re not 100 percent sure about his feelings. If someone had to ask you if your boyfriend loves you, you’d pause. You’re actually not completely certain that he does. Sometimes it feels like he does, but other times not so much. This is a sign that something’s off. If he loved you, you wouldn’t have to question it.
  7. He forgets little details. You’ve told him that you don’t like a certain restaurant and the next thing you know, he’s taking you there. Eek. It’s like he tunes out when you speak. You’ll never feel fulfilled in your relationship if you’re the only person engaged in it.
  8. He talks more than he listens. A guy who really loves you will want to know about you — your interests, thoughts, opinions and how you’re doing. He’s not going to talk so much that you can’t get a word into the conversation. If he does that, it’s more that just “how he is” — it’s a sign he’s not crazy about you.
  9. He doesn’t invite you to important events. When he has to attend a glamorous function or go to his dad’s birthday, you’re not invited. He just doesn’t like such big occasions — or so he says. If that were true, then he’d want his special someone to be there even more to help him get through them! If he’s leaving you out, then he’s cutting you out of his life.
  10. He doesn’t seem to value your opinions. Not only does he not really listen to what you say, but he doesn’t value your opinions. He’s quick to disagree with them all the time or not take your advice — ever. When you open your mouth to express a thought, you find yourself feeling stupid. Ugh. So not cool.
  11. He doesn’t tell you nice things about yourself. You’re not desperate for compliments, but every now and then it’s nice to hear about why your boyfriend is with you. If he’s never telling you anything nice about yourself, don’t take it lightly. It’s a sign he’s not paying attention to you.
  12. He doesn’t notice when another guy hits on you. When you’re out with your boyfriend and another guy flirts with you, your boyfriend doesn’t even seem to notice. Heck, the other guy could strip down and salsa over to you and your boyfriend would still be concentrating on his beer. Although jealousy and possessiveness aren’t good, your boyfriend should at least see that you’re a catch and know that he shouldn’t take you for granted.
  13. He doesn’t care about your orgasm. Sex always feels like it’s about his pleasure. Not only doesn’t he care about whether or not you’ve orgasmed, but he doesn’t put in the effort to make sex great for you overall. Great.
  14. He doesn’t appreciate what you do for him. When you do something thoughtful, such as send him a “good luck” text before a big exam or buy him a gift simply because the item made you think of him, he says thanks but doesn’t really seem to value the thought behind the actions. He might even act like it’s no big deal, thus taking your actions for granted. He doesn’t seem to get how in love with him you are — or he’s hoping to ignore it because he doesn’t feel the same.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.