Little Things A Good Boyfriend Does That Make Him A Keeper

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in that many bad relationships that I often wonder if I’d recognize a good boyfriend if I found one. They’re literally that rare. If you’re unsure what you should be looking for in a guy other than, you know, one who doesn’t treat you like total crap on a daily basis, here are some things a good boyfriend does without asking just to make your life better.

  1. He never leaves you guessing. It goes without saying that a good boyfriend would never leave you wondering where you stand with him, what he’s thinking or feeling, and what’s going on with him. He makes sure that he offers gestures of reassurance regularly and his actions line up with his words. You can feel relaxed and secure with him because you know you’re on the same page. It’s actually refreshing as hell.
  2. He still plans dates. Just because he’s “got you” and your his girlfriend now doesn’t mean (or at least shouldn’t mean) that the romance is gone. If your boyfriend still takes the time to make sure you guys actually leave the house together sometimes and do something other than sitting on the couch, he’s definitely a keeper. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate either. Even if it’s just grabbing some food at your favorite taco place on a Friday night after a long week at work, that works.
  3. He never takes you for granted. There’s not much worse than feeling used, ignored, or taken for granted in your relationship. It’s not like he needs to bow down and praise you endlessly for doing basic things for him, but everyone likes feeling appreciated and to know that the things they do for someone else are noticed. If he still says “thank you” and genuinely means it when you go out of your way to make his life better or easier, you’ve got a winner.
  4. He’s open with his thoughts and feelings. A good boyfriend has emotional maturity and is enough of a man, so to speak, to be able to talk openly about his thoughts and feelings with his girlfriend. This means you’re never left having to try and read his mind or dig deeper to get him to open up. He just does it because he’s got his act together.
  5. He laughs with you. It’s a little bit cliche when women are like, “Oh, hehehe, I just want a guy who can make me laugh!” but come on, girl, you know it’s true. Especially once you get into your late 20s and even 30s, you start to realize that a guy who can regularly put a smile on your face, lighten the mood when things are heavy, and generally see the brighter side of life is kind of the ideal partner.
  6. He’s your number one fan and your biggest cheerleader. No matter how outlandish your hopes and dreams may be, this guy is there to support you and tell you that you can do anything you put your mind to. If you’re running your first 5K, he’s there at the finish line with a banner, shouting your name. If you just got a promotion at work, he’s shouting how proud he is of you at the top of his voice to anyone who will listen. That’s exactly what you want.
  7. He always responds to your texts. I mean, this is just basic courtesy, especially when you’re in an established relationship. Sadly, it just doesn’t come naturally to some men. If he actually responds to your texts when you send them and remembers to reach out to keep you updated on things, consider yourself lucky. He’s a rarity!!
  8. He’s kind to your friends and family. A good boyfriend doesn’t just treat you well, he goes out of his way to endear himself to your family and friends. He knows these people are important to you and this makes them important to him too. He’s not awkward around them and doesn’t whine about having to go to an event with them. In fact, he loves it. Is this guy real or what??
  9. He makes sure you get off before he does. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this one. Nobody has time for guys who come and then roll over and fall asleep, leaving you to finish yourself off. Sex is a give and take for sure and both partners’ pleasure needs to be a priority, but he should at least put you in the spotlight sometimes.
  10. He gives you time and space. A solid relationship is one in which both people are still free to be their own people outside of the couple unit, and a good boyfriend appreciates this and offers it up. Yes, he has his own life and still hangs out with his friends sometimes too, which you’re cool with, but he also encourages you to do things that fulfill you, whether it’s going to yoga class, painting, having girls’ night, whatever.
  11. He’s interested in the things that interest you. I’m not saying that he’s suddenly going to beg you to re-watch the entire series of The Real Housewives of New York City with him because he knows how much you love Ramona Singer. However, a good boyfriend won’t shut you out or totally disregard something you’re into, no matter how silly it is or how little it appeals to him. Not that you should force your interests on him, of course – differences are a good thing!
  12. His words and actions match. He doesn’t say one thing and do another. Instead, a good boyfriend talks the talk and walks the walk. It’s just that simple. He tells you he loves you and he shows it in everything he does. He treats you with kindness, respect, and affection and you’re lucky to have him – as lucky as he is to have you, of course!
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