12 Little Things Guys Do When They’re In Love That You Might Not Notice

If you’re hoping that the guy you’re seeing will tell you that he loves you at the right time and under the perfect circumstances, good luck with that. Most of us aren’t going to come out and say that we’re in love with you. We’re just not that good at sharing our feelings in general. But as we all know, actions don’t lie. If you want to know if his feelings for you go that deep, the trick is to look for little signs. Here’s how you know he’s falling head over heels for you (even if he doesn’t quite realize it yet himself).

  1. He shows you off. To be clear, he won’t do this in a sleazy and self-centered way. Still, a guy who’s in love will have nothing to hide. He’ll want the rest of the world to know that you’re with him. That means he wants to bring you around his family and friends to let them know how he feels about you and wants you on his arm at work functions and other events, where appropriate.
  2. He mirrors you. He may not even notice that he’s mimicking your behavior. He might even adopt some of your mannerisms or pick up on slang you use that he never did previously. Perhaps the most telling sign is him adopting your interests that he didn’t have before you got together. That shows that he’s taken with you and is seriously falling (if he hasn’t already).
  3. He talks a lot. If a guy talks a lot, you shouldn’t assume that he’s naturally chatty. After all, it takes a lot for a guy to truly open up, but one who’s in love will have no problem talking a little more than usual and letting you in on his innermost thoughts and feelings.
  4. He texts back right away. Granted, you might think this is the bare minimum to expect, but this is actually a big deal. It shows that he’s checking his phone to see if you messaged. It also shows that he cares enough about you to not keep you waiting. Either he’s trying really hard to impress you or he’s in love (or both).
  5. He’s suddenly cool with PDA. Okay, for the record, most guys hate PDA, and for good reasons. But one who’s in love will worry a little less about showing affection both publicly and privately. Don’t expect him to go overboard, but he will be a little more willing to accept and even initiate little signs of infection when you’re out in public.
  6. He aims to please. More times than not, a guy who’s in love will be a good listener. He’ll pay attention to what you say and the things that you like, and then he’ll adjust his behavior accordingly. He’ll do the little things and pay attention to the small details that make you happy. He does this because he’s paying attention to you, and he’s paying attention because he loves you.
  7. He makes your name his password. Of course, unless he shares this information with you, it might be impossible to know if his email password contains your name. But if you learn this information one way or another, it’s a good indication that he loves you. It’s not like he changes his password frequently, so if your name is involved, he’s seriously into you.
  8. He buys drinks for your friends. To be fair, this could also be the behavior of a player who’s trying to get into your good graces. However, it’s also a sign that he loves you. After all, it’s something nice that he knows will make you happy. At the same time, he’s also trying to win over your friends, which he wouldn’t do if he wasn’t in love and was planning on being around for a while.
  9. He lets you pick the movie/restaurant. Men in love are often selfless. I’m pretty sure that’s noted during most marriage ceremonies, actually. A guy that insists on getting his way cares more about himself than he does you. If he’s in love, he might pretend to protest, but he’ll always agree on whatever movie you want to see or whatever restaurant you want to eat at.
  10. He buys your favorite snacks. I think we sometimes discount how important food can be in a relationship. This also relates back to a guy in love doing the little things to make you happy. If he knows you like a particular snack, he’ll always make sure it’s available.
  11. He refers to the two of you as a team. When you first hear it, the statement might sound innocuous enough, but it actually means a lot. A guy who’s in love will want to mention that you two are partners of some sort. He may not want to come out and say the word “couple” just yet, but words like team, pair, and partners all have the same meaning.
  12. He laughs at all of your jokes. Sorry, ladies, but most of your jokes aren’t that funny. I mean, some of them are, but not all of them. If you find him creased over laughing at your slightest attempt at humor, he might be in love with you. As they say, true love is blind, so he’ll be blinded by love and not realize that you’re not as funny as you think. He’ll think that you’re funny and he’ll want to make you feel better by laughing. That’s really when you know a guy is totally in love with you.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.