10 Little Things Guys Find Hot That You Wouldn’t Expect

Straight guys love women for many reasons, but some of them aren’t as obvious as you think. Here are 10 less conventional things that a lot of men really love about women.

  1. Being comfortable without makeup It’s no secret that men have a thing for natural beauties, but did you know that they especially love women who are 100% comfortable without their usual face full of makeup on? In fact, some might even go so far to say that they prefer women who own what God gave them as opposed to women who only feel secure when they have multiple layers of foundation to hide behind. Good to know, right?
  2. Having a passion project Men are renowned for being attracted to confident women, but some men always opt for women who are more laid-back, reserved, and better at listening. Why? Well, because many of them like to do all the talking. Either way, all men say that a passionate woman really turns them on. If you have a hobby that you can’t stop talking about or you love what you do for a living, speak up. It’ll only give you extra bonus points with a certain guy you’ve got your eye on.
  3. Making eye contact with him when you’re talking to someone else If you’re in a group setting and talking to an individual but you keep looking at a guy you like or making eye contact with him when you should be looking at the person you’re speaking with, men seem to love this. Sure, it seems a bit bizarre, but there’s something about giving a guy your undivided attention that makes him go a little bit gooey inside. True story.
  4. Really taking care of yourself From eliminating your leg hair (if that’s your thing) to doing regular pull-ups at the gym, if a woman takes pride in her appearance, guys find this super attractive. Plus, having your act together in general is a sexy quality because guys who are secure in themselves love independent women.
  5. Knowing how to do your own DIY around the house Speaking of independence, if you can get out a drill and know exactly how to fix your wonky photo frame or change a light bulb, guys find this incredibly hot. It shows them that you’re self-sufficient and you don’t need them. Basically, you must really want them—and what guy doesn’t like to feel wanted?
  6. Wearing men’s clothes A lot of guys undeniably have a thing for women who can rock their clothing and still look like a total 10 out of 10. From oversized tees to baggy pants, they love it when you feel comfortable enough to wear their clothes. Oh, and who can forget the classic white button-up shirt with bare legs combo? This is still an old, post-coital favorite thanks to many historic movies and it drives men everywhere wild.
  7. Not being afraid to act silly Your ability to laugh at yourself and not take life too seriously goes a long way. From telling ridiculous jokes to being goofy, a good sense of humor is at the top of practically every guy’s future wifey checklist. Fact.
  8. Having an open mind Moreover, a gal who can cut loose and have an open mind about things is a gal that guys want to get to know. Men love it when they can talk to women about everything and anything and they’re open to new things as opposed to shutting them down before they’ve even tried them. 
  9. Willingness to step outside of your comfort zone Speaking of being open to new things, there’s something about a woman with a sense of adventure that men find really attractive. Even better if when you’re willing to embark on new experiences with him. What could be better?
  10. Being your authentic self Finally, one of the things guys find so attractive about women is when women aren’t afraid to be who they are even around men. If you’re real, honest, and true to yourself at all times, then this is something they will appreciate. Show them who you really are and they will be falling in love with you before you know it.
Katie Davies is a British freelance writer who has built a career creating lifestyle content that caters to the modern woman. When she's not sipping tea, shopping, or exploring a new city, you'll probably find her blogging about her fashion and travel adventures at https://trendytourist.co.uk.