Loaded Margarita Boards Are The Boozy Spread Your Summer Needs

Margaritas are one of the tastiest cocktails you can enjoy, especially in warmer weather. You can add so many different tropical flavors to the original to switch things up a bit, but what about the snacks? You can’t get drunk without something to munch on while you do it, which is why loaded margarita boards are a must-make this summer.

The board can be made up of ingredients that fit the theme. While you’ll want to have all your classic drink ingredients on hand (tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, etc.) for your loaded margarita board, you then want to build and expand upon that with ingredients that can not only be added to the cocktail but that you can eat and enjoy too without being too jarring to the senses.

A selection of fruit is a must. I suggest ingredients like cubed mango, watermelon, or even orange slices to start with. Chunks of pineapple and even grapes can work too in a pinch. Oh, and don’t forget the strawberries!

Keep the savory stuff coming too! Your loaded margarita board needs to be balanced, so in addition to the sweeter ingredients, you’ll want to add some savory snacks. Why not make (or buy) some salsa to have with tortilla chips? That’s always a classic and sure to please pretty much everyone (even if “everyone” is just yourself and you’re downing this solo). Guacamole would also go down a treat, or even just some cut up avocado, cucumber, etc. Get creative! If you would like a tutorial, The Baker Mama has a great one HERE.

This is really all about you! While it’s nice to be super organized and on-theme, it’s also fun to just put together a board you’ll really enjoy, so don’t feel like you HAVE to use certain ingredients or avoid using others. Just go with your heart (or your stomach) and it’s bound to be delicious!

If margaritas aren’t your thing, you can make loaded boards for any cocktail. Maybe you want to make a gin & tonic board or a Manhattan board or whatever. Go with it! There are no rules here – as long as you get drunk and have a full belly, it’s all good.

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