Long Fake Toenails Are The Summer Trend No One Asked For

You may make regular trips to the nail salon to get your acrylic nails applied/touched up/airbrushed, if that’s your thing. You may even go for regular pedicures and look forward to choosing a new color to get your little piggies painted. However, I bet you never considered combining the two ideas, have you? Well, Best Products uncovered has uncovered the summer trend literally no one asked for: fake long acrylic toenails.

  1. They’re literally everywhere on Instagram. It’s 2019, which means there are plenty of online trolls who try to create fake trends just as clickbait, but this seems to be the real deal. On Instagram, there are literally dozens of women showing off their toe talons, from sparkly blue ones to neon yellow ones to whatever this even is. Yikes.
  2. How do you even wear normal shoes? If you have long toenails, there’s no way you’re throwing on your running sneakers or wearing anything close-toed. You’re basically resigning yourself to living in sandals and flip flops until those suckers come off. This basically means on a very specific type of person (self/unemployed people and those who work in very liberal office environments) can enjoy these things.
  3. Even in sandals, who wants to see this? If I saw someone get on the subway or even walk through the grocery store with insanely long toenails, I think I would literally be rendered speechless. It just seems so crazy to me, though I do fully support the freedom of choice, even when it comes to what you do with your toenails.
  4. At the end of the day, you gotta follow your bliss. If you want to wear ridiculously long fake acrylic toenails and paint them in bright colors and designs, who am I to judge? You have one life to live and if you want to spend that life in open-toed shoes and slicing holes in your bed sheets with these things, you go for it. I support you.

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