I Love You, But I Don’t Want To Be With You 24/7

I Love You, But I Don’t Want To Be With You 24/7 ¬©iStock/Squaredpixels

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with you, I do — but sometimes a girl just needs her space. I’m sure you can understand that I have other things to do in my free time besides being with you, right?

  1. You’re important, but my career is important too. I know you can’t get enough of me, and I can’t really blame you for that because I’m pretty awesome. But I have goals and deadlines to meet, and I can’t let love get in the way of reaching my dreams.
  2. I have other priorities. My life doesn’t — and shouldn’t — revolve around you. I’m not saying you’re not high up on my list of priorities, you just don’t always happen to be at the top of that list.
  3. Sometimes I just need alone time. There will be days that I can’t deal with anyone, including you. Please don’t take it personally. I just need some time to relax and focus on myself so I can recharge.
  4. I don’t want to be attached at the hip. How do you expect me to function if you’re glued to my side? Ugh. I don’t want to be that vomit-inducing couple who can’t keep their hands to themselves in public.
  5. My girl time is sacred. Aside from the fact that I don’t have many girl friends, the few I have are also super busy and hardly have time to hang out. So when I get the chance to see them, I don’t need you tagging along.
  6. Being the only girl at guys’ night is awkward af. Just like I prefer to hang out with my girls on my own, I would rather you hang out with the guys on your own sometimes too. I don’t mind you doing your own thing. In fact, I encourage it.
  7. I like to do me. And I will let you do you. For example, me just hanging out with my cat and binging on Netflix for a night while you sit at home and play Xbox with your friends is totally cool.
  8. I’m not insecure at all. I don’t worry that you going out to bars without me will end in you cheating on me, so it’s okay if I don’t go too. Go out and have fun – I don’t need to babysit you.
  9. Independence is a good thing. Realize that, and learn to depend a little less on me being on your arm 24/7, and depend a little more on yourself.
Kristan is a 24-year-old blogger from the cornfields of Terre Haute, Indiana. She spends her days working in accounting, and her nights trying to change the world with her words. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter @kristangible, or read her blog at kristangible.com.