I Love Guys Who Are Confident But Humble—It’s Such A Sexy Combo

Every girl wants to find a guy who’s confident but doesn’t want to have their ear talked off about how great they are. There’s just something so subtly sexy about those men who exude quiet confidence—their presence takes over a room without them even saying a word. I think every girl can agree that a guy who can be cool and confident without throwing it in your face is a huge turn-on and a breath of fresh air. Here’s why I find guys with this quality so damn sexy:

  1. THEY’RE SURE OF THEMSELVES. They’ve taken the time to get to know themselves and work through their insecurities. They’ve officially passed from boys to men and show it with how cool and collected they are. They aren’t looking for a void to fill and can enjoy their own company but they’d still like to have you around.
  2. THEY DON’T HAVE TO BE LOUD TO BE NOTICED. Nothing’s worse than walking into a crowded bar and being approached by that one loud guy. It’s not hard to figure out that he needs attention to feel validated and you’re not about to sit there and laugh at every joke so he feels like the man. Humble, confident guys can hang out in the back of the crowd and still be on every girl’s radar.
  3. THEY AREN’T OBSESSED WITH THEMSELVES. They really aren’t worried about their appearance while going out to run errands and heaven knows they’d never dream of taking longer than you to get ready. They play it cool and low-key because their appearance doesn’t define what kind of men they are. But don’t be fooled—confidence looks good in a t-shirt and a tux, ladies.
  4. THEY’RE DOWN TO EARTH. A guy with humble confidence isn’t arrogant or full of himself. He’s totally cool with laughing at himself and having real conversations with you. Your conversations with him will have actual substance and he cares about what’s going on in your life too. It’s easy to get to know him because he’s just real and doesn’t feel the need to impress you.
  5. THEY KNOW THE LINE BETWEEN COCKY AND CONFIDENT. There’s a clear line drawn in the sand between having tons of confidence and just being over the top cocky. Not only do these guys know where that line is, but they prefer to stay on the understated side. They’re steadily confident and rarely if ever go to the arrogant side.
  6. THEY’RE COOL WITH LETTING YOU TAKE THE SPOTLIGHT. Since they don’t feel the need for the spotlight, they’re more than happy to show you off. It’s such a relief to have a guy around that genuinely wants you to shine and isn’t trying to upstage you because he feels insecure about himself. I don’t know about you, but nothing feels better than being on the arm of a guy who wants the world to see how beautiful you are, even without him.
  7. THEY AREN’T FLIRTING WITH EVERY WOMAN. Since they don’t like to come off as the cocky type, they’re usually laid-back and aren’t looking for attention from random girls. They’re cool with themselves and giving their attention to you, so they aren’t trying to flirt with whoever’s out at the bar. When a guy’s secure in himself, he doesn’t need validation from girls who have no meaning to him—he’s going to be happy with you and you alone.
  8. HUMBLE CONFIDENCE SHOWS MANLINESS. There is nothing more manly than a guy being totally secure about himself. Boys still don’t feel like a man so they try to puff themselves up to appear strong and cool, but girls see right through it. Real men don’t have to be the biggest and worst dude in the room—they just want to be themselves.
  9. THEY DON’T LET THEIR INSECURITIES CONTROL THEM. No matter how confident you are, you’re still going to have insecurities climb on your back every once in awhile. The difference with these guys is their self-control. They know how to snap themselves out of self-doubt and don’t let it control their thoughts and actions. Even if doubts come in once in a while, they still know what they’re all about.
  10. THEY DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS. At the end of the day, guys with humble confidence have just given up on caring about everyone’s opinion. They know that the secret to being cool and attractive is being themselves, not bending to whatever other people tell them to be. They can stand alone in a crowd because they’re different and march to the beat of their own drum. The easiest way to get noticed by these men is to do the same—be your own person and refuse to bend to peer pressure. When it’s all said and done, you get noticed for doing your own thing and loving yourself—true confidence comes from self-love.
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