I Love Guys — I Just Can’t Stand Losers

I Love Guys — I Just Can’t Stand Losers ©iStock/kcslagle

In my search to find a good guy to love and share my life with, I’ve come across way too many losers — and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. I keep hoping I’ll meet someone who will change my mind, but so far that just hasn’t happened. It’s not that I don’t love guys — I absolutely do — but I’m sick of ones who treat me like crap and think they can get away with it.

  1. There’s a clear difference between disliking all men and disliking losers. Yes, I’m quick to point out the type of guys who behave like entitled little losers, but I also play up the good guys too — it’s up to you what message you hang on to. If you treat me with respect and common courtesy, we won’t have a problem. If we do, the problem lies solely with you.
  2. The only guys who think I’m a man-hater are the ones who fit the loser description. If a guy is offended by me pointing out and passionately venting about a BS behavior, it’s usually because he has the same loser qualities I’m expressing my dismay about. Instead of labeling me a certain way, look in the mirror and try and fix yourself first. Plenty of former losers have gone on to become great men simply because they paid attention and learned to be better. Aim to be better, not bitter.
  3. I’m not sorry for calling guys out for their crap. I’ll never be sorry for expressing my opinion and pointing our the areas in which some guys need to grow the hell up. Sorry, but I’m not a quiet and submissive woman — it’s not in my DNA. I’ve spent my entire life being called a whore, promiscuous, fat, a bitch, etc. by men who didn’t get their way with me, but no more. It’s my turn to stand up for myself against being constantly shoved around by these losers.
  4. Unfortunately, losers are in majority supply these days. It’s sadly true that modern dating society has cultured men into behaving in ways that even their own mothers would be disgusted by (and believing that behavior is totally cool). I mean, how am I supposed to feel when I’ve been berated with penis pictures, rude messages trying to solicit sex out of me before even asking me my name, ghosting, name calling, being put on the bench and treated like crap over and over again? The fact that I still offer every guy a chance with open arms is actually quite commendable given the crap I’ve dealt with (and most other women have too).
  5. I have some amazing guys in my life and in my past. There are good guys out there, and I know it because I’ve had the pleasure of dating some of them and have quite a few close male friends in my social circle. If I really was a man-hater, I’d be one all the way, but I’m not. Your logic is BS and you’re delusional.
  6. The loser guys are ruining it for the good guys out there. If there were more good guys out there, trust me, I would gladly write novels about them too. I would love nothing more than to hail the good guys in the world constantly — they deserve the credit. Unfortunately, they’re in short supply these days while losers make up a large portion of the male population. Here’s an idea: if more men started behaving like respectful gentlemen, women wouldn’t be complaining about them as often. Mind-blowing, I know.
  7. If I hated guys, I wouldn’t be dating them. If I didn’t love guys, I wouldn’t be dating them in the first place. Fortunately, those good experiences with those good and honest men were so fantastic that I’ll gladly brave a few more morons just to find the unicorn man. Until that guy shows up and rocks my world for good, I’ll vent about the losers all I want.
  8. Good guys deserve to be separated from the loser behaviors. I might call out guys for their loser behavior, but let’s not forget that in pointing out the inexcusable and rude behaviors, it makes it a lot easier for those good guys to stand out from the crowd — and they deserve to be recognized and segregated from the idiots. They deserve to be praised for behaving like decent human beings instead of neanderthals looking for a quick ego boost. Good guys are amazing and they’re out there too. Like I said, I love guys, I just can’t stand loser.