Love Is Fine, But Independence Is Better

The longer I’m single, the more I like it. I was never as happy in a relationship as I am now that I’m flying solo. Love has perks, sure, but I don’t find any of them to outweigh the benefits of being on my own.

I do exactly what I want when I want.

 I mean this quite literally. Of course I have work and obligations and such, but aside from all that, my time is entirely my own. I eat whatever I feel like eating, see the movies I want to see, and travel to whichever destinations I so please. It’s amazing to have freedom of choice. I never have to do anything I secretly hate just to please my significant other. I am my own partner and it works out well.

My money is my own. 

If I want to treat myself, I do it. If I need to scrimp and save some money for a while, I do that. I never have anyone guilting me into going out and spending money. I also don’t have to buy gifts or surprises for a boyfriend who probably barely appreciates them.

I make my own choices. 

Life is complicated enough—throw another person’s needs and wishes into the mix and it becomes overwhelming. I can make decisions that serve me in the best way possible and know that I’m not hurting anyone else in the process. It’s nice to get to be selfish.

I have the ability to be spontaneous. 

If I want to pick up and travel somewhere, I have nothing holding me back. As long as I can afford to go, the world is my playground. That feels incredible, to be honest. I don’t think that love is worth giving up my independence.

I enjoy a great deal of flexibility. 

My schedule is pretty unique, which is just how I like it. I can pick up and take a short trip any time I like. It’s awesome to know that if I even want to move somewhere new or change careers, it won’t be a problem. Not having love is a small price to pay for such freedom.

I don’t have to compromise. 

Everyone knows that love comes at a price. You get some benefits from it, but you also lose a lot of opportunities. It’s way more fun to do whatever I want than worry about someone else all the time. I’m glad that I know what makes me happy.

I never fight with anyone. 

I legitimately have the most peaceful life ever. No drama, no conflict, hardly any tears. Once in a while I get lonely, but I snap out of it quickly once I remember how much heartache sucks. It’s nice not to dread getting into arguments.

I don’t worry about heartbreak. 

If I don’t love someone, I can’t be heartbroken, simple as that. Life comes with other kinds of pain, but I’ll avoid as much as I can. I’m awful at dealing with heartbreak so I’d rather not even go there. I enjoy my life very much as-is.

I can be completely myself. 

I’d like to say that I’ve felt that way with past partners, but it’s not true. I never felt OK being who I am until I became single long-term. Then I realized that most people really will accept me for me, and I learned to like myself.

I don’t have to pretend to like anyone. 

There are always people in a partner’s friend and family circle that suck and I have to spend time with them anyway. I hate that—why waste time that could be spent with people I enjoy? Now I give my free time to those who deserve it.

I can date multiple people

I don’t often do it because it’s a pain in the butt. Still, the option is there and that’s pretty cool. I like the ability to try out different sorts of arrangements and see what works best for me. It might not be true love, but at least I’m enjoying myself.

I have tons of fun. 

I’m social if I want, and then when I need time alone, I go that route. It’s nice to be able to accommodate exactly how I feel each day. I never feel guilty for wanting to be by myself. I also never feel bad for wanting to go out and spend time with friends. I answer to no one.

I live my best and most authentic life. 

I only get one short life and I want to do the best I can with it. I want to go everywhere, see everything, and accomplish as many goals as possible. Love only gets in the way. Every time I’m taken, I let the relationship overrun my life. I’d rather enjoy myself and give up love.

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