Guys, Love Isn’t Dead Just Because One Woman Screwed You Over

Guys, Love Isn’t Dead Just Because One Woman Screwed You Over ©iStock/svetikd

It might be hard to leave your past behind and look at love with a fresh set of eyes, but eventually you need to get over it and stop assuming that every relationship is going to be a repeat of the last. Love still exists and there are women who will prove all of your assumptions completely wrong if you give one of us a chance. Love isn’t dead just because one woman screwed you over.

  1. You’re blocking the good women out with your negative vibes. When you’re pessimistic about all women because of one woman in your past, you’re holding yourself back from letting good things into your life. I get it, she was a real headache, but there are still great women out there. Have a little faith and stop calling every other woman crazy or useless for no good reason — they’re not her.
  2. Not all history repeats itself. When a team loses a game, they’re probably going to invite another loss their way if they head back onto the field again with those same heavy hearts and a deep fear of losing again. If you have a terrible attitude about all women because of one in your past, you’re only setting yourself up for disaster — snap out of it.
  3. You have to let stuff go. Letting the past be the past is a hard one for guys to wrap their heads around. You don’t need to act like a tough guy or like you’re completely over it when it’s clear that you’re not. You have no right to treat every woman like crap just because of the one that screwed you over. You’re better than that, so act like it.
  4. We’re not all going to hurt you. As much as guys like to say that all women are psychos, which is typically the result of a couple of bad experiences, there’s some accountability on your part too. If you’re dating women with this attitude, it’s no wonder why things explode in your face. We’ve all been through stuff that makes it hard to move forward and hard to trust again, but if you remain stagnant and bitter, that’s where you’ll live.
  5. Acting like a jerk isn’t helping to improve your situation. Treating an amazing woman like crap because you don’t realize she’s starting with a clean slate only makes you look like the a-hole in the equation. If you want to drive a good woman away because you can’t get over the one who broke your heart, it’s your loss. Don’t be an idiot.
  6. You need to step up and make some effort too. You may have been taken for granted in your past, but that’s no excuse to slack off in your present and future. If you have an amazing woman in front of you who’s done nothing to deserve being treated like crap, you had better make sure you treat her good. The only thing worse than being screwed over by one woman is making every other woman after her pay for her mistakes.
  7. It’s no one’s fault you had a bad experience. Look, the terrible relationship experience happened and it’s over and done with — it happens to everyone. You can put blame on your past all you want, and it might even be totally justified, but sooner or later you have to figure out a way to move on. Let your past fuel you to do and get better, not turn you into an a-hole.
  8. Sooner or later, you have to give love a chance. It’s hard to break free from something that hurt you, but if you want to actually invite something and someone amazing into your life, you need to make room for it by sweeping that old crap out the front door. Love isn’t dead just because one woman screwed you over.