If You Love Pizza, You Need This Pepperoni Pizza Pool Float

Yes, you love eating pizza, but why not take your love of a good cheese-covered pie to the water by floating around on this amazing pizza slice pool float? It’s the ultimate summer accessory and is bound to make your pool parties even more fun. Plus, it’s available on Amazon and could be yours by the weekend!

  1. It’s big enough to lounge on comfortably. Deflated, this float measures about 75 inches long by 61 inches wide at the top. That’s big! This means you can lie back and let yourself sink comfortably into a big slice of pizza while your worries melt away.
  2. The crust doubles as a headrest. If you don’t like to lie flat on your back, you’ll be pleased to know that the crust of the pizza on the pool float is raised so it doubles as a headrest. No more neck ache, just sweet, sweet pizza lounging.
  3. It comes with cup holders. That means you can bring your wine, beer, Diet Coke or LaCroix with you while you float away, plus one for later! Pretty sweet. It’s summer and it’s hot out there so you need to stay hydrated.
  4. You can attach it to other pizza slices. That’s right, there are four raft connectors on the pizza float, meaning if your friends get some too, you can tie yourselves together and form a whole pie! That might be a little weird to float in a giant circle but also kinda fun. Give it a try!
  5. It’s tear-resistant and good for people of all sizes. It can hold up to 300 lbs so you don’t have to be some skinny minnie to be able to enjoy the float. Not only that, but it claims to be tear resistant, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally snagging it and having it deflate when you’re just trying to have fun.
  6. It comes with a money back guarantee. That means if you’re not into it or it doesn’t live up to its promises, you can return it and get your money back. What’s not to love?

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