I Love Sex — And I Love That About Myself

I think about sex almost constantly, and no, it’s not ruining my life. If anything, it’s turning me into a healthier, happier person. Here’s why:

I’d rather think about sexy things than sad things.

 As someone who’s prone to sad or depressing thoughts, thinking about sex is like a breath of fresh air. You can’t help but smile when you think about a past lover or what you might want to do to a future one. Call me crazy, but I’d rather spend my time in a horny head space than one that could spiral me into depression.

I find guys approach me more when I’m horny.

 I can’t really describe this, but guys seem to pick up on the sexy cues I’m giving out, whether it’s through some sort of energy I give out or maybe my body language. When I’m turned on, the whole world seems to flirt back. People want to be around me and guys think I’m totally hot and bang-able. It’s almost like I put some sort of sex spell over them. Trust me, it works.

It makes me feel alive.

 When I’m feeling horny, I also feel more energized, alive, passionate, and excited. Think about how you feel when your partner touches you just right — that’s what I’m talking about. When I’m all hot and bothered, I have this feeling of “yes” pumping through my veins. It really is magical.

I’m not ashamed of liking sex. 

Our society loves to shame women for liking sex. I feel it almost on a regular basis, especially when I start telling someone about one of my sexual experiences and then get this creeping feeling of shame rising up inside me. I’ve been trying to skip over that negative feeling and see sex as something to be enjoyed by both men and women equally, and I’d encourage all the women of the world to do the same.

Guys think it’s cool how I’m super into sex. 

Guys have told me how cool it is that I’m so open about my sexuality and have rarely judged me for it — and if they have, it’s because they didn’t know me or had personal hangups about sex. If anything, guys I’ve been with find it to be a huge relief that I’m super into sex because, well, they are too.

I know more about sex and sex culture.

 Since I’m always looking around for a good bangin’, I’ve been led to some very strange yet sexy places on the internet. Anything from sex positions to the best lube brands to BDSM — I’ve seen it all. All this information has served me very well in my personal sex life.

It makes my dates more exciting.

 When I get myself into a horny mood before a date, it’s just more enjoyable for everyone involved. There’s nothing worse than that awkward, uptight first date vibe. We both know why we’re here, so let’s get sexy with it.

I love myself more.

 When I’m turned on, I feel hot AF, like a million bucks. There’s nothing like that undeniable confidence that comes with feeling horny. It turns off all those bad thoughts I have about myself that constantly put me down and switches my mind into a self-appreciating kind of mode.

I get to have more sex, which is awesome.

 Since I’m horny all the time, I have a ton of sex by default, and sex is awesome! It reduces stress, balances hormones, and regulates my mood. I just feel better when I’m getting off on the reg. I don’t think anyone would argue that sex is bad for you.

 It’s a very real part about being a woman, and I shouldn’t have to apologize for it. 

I believe that all women should be free to express themselves in anyway they want to. Women are sexual by nature, and we love to get laid just as much as guys do. Why should I ever apologize for wanting something so natural?

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