Why Loving The Same TV Shows Is The Key To A Good Relationship

Why Loving The Same TV Shows Is The Key To A Good Relationship ©iStock/PeopleImages

The couple who streams together, stays together. Okay, that sounded weird, but we’re talking about TV here. Bonding over a shared love of the same show is something all modern humans are programmed to do. And when you have a few (or several) of the same favorite shows as the person you love, it’s truly a key factor to reaching that coveted happily ever after. Here’s why:

  1. It’s a bonding activity. You might think watching TV is the same as doing nothing, but make no mistake, watching a beloved TV show together is quality bonding time. Just because you’re not talking doesn’t mean you’re not strengthening the connection you have, and the inevitable desire to discuss the show after the credits role extend that connection beyond the act itself.
  2. It’s leads to endless inside jokes. Hilarious quotes will be repeated. Shocking moments will be relived. This goes on and on and never gets stale, because it’s something special that the two of you share. I mean, you saw Jim and Pam. Inside jokes helped them fall in love.
  3. It’s a series-long connection. However long your chosen show is on air, that’s how long you can look forward to this sacred time together. And if it’s a highly bingeable show, then it doesn’t matter if it gets canceled or renewed for another 10 seasons. You can bring it back whenever you want.
  4. It’s something to look forward to. Our schedules are hectic and our lives get insanely busy. But there’s always time to carve out for your fave shows. Whether it’s during the live airing (GoT couples can’t wait for anything else, because SPOILERS) or DVR’d/streamed, the following day, you sit down together and you’re both in it, from start to finish. At its core, this time you make for the show can seem like it’s just for the show, but it’s also about you two just being together, doing something you enjoy.
  5. It’s the perfect way to unwind. TV is the perfect way to escape the workday, and really the rest of the world. It lets your mind process all the excess noise, necessary tasks, and emotions that you experienced before you could sit down on the couch next to your favorite person. And is there seriously anything better than being just who you are, while fully relaxed and watching TV with the person you love? This is today’s fairytale, y’all.
  6. It’s creates amazing memories. In all the relationships I’ve had, some of the best memories were made from loving the same show. Finding that perfect moment in everyday life to quote Parks and Rec, or screaming “We have to go back!” like Jack from LOST when you’ve just come home from a trip or some other awesome event. There is such a thing as “too much TV” (not that it changes my daily viewing schedule), but there’s never too much of something that brings you closer to the only person who really matters to you.

Thanks, TV!

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