I Made My Boyfriend Start Smoking Weed & It Has Seriously Improved Our Relationship

If you’re like me and live in one of the 30 states that have legalized the use of marijuana either medically or recreationally, smoking weed probably isn’t a foreign concept. It wasn’t to me, but I didn’t anticipate was how my boyfriend trying it for the first time would completely change our relationship for the better.

  1. It’s always nice to try something new together. As we get older and relationships get more comfortable, it can be a challenge to keep things fresh and exciting. It feels like every time I think I’ve found a new place or activity, my boyfriend has been there and done that. While I’d smoked plenty of weed before, my boyfriend hadn’t and it was a totally new thing for us to try together.
  2. We laugh together more now than ever before. While studies have shown that marijuana does have numerous medicinal benefits, I choose to partake recreationally because to be blunt (pun intended), it’s super fun. Every once in while I think it’s nice to relax and get a little goofy. And since my boyfriend started smoking, it’s turned into a fun little thing we get to do together.
  3. Smoking helps him to be less uptight. My boyfriend is Type A all the way and I love that about him. He’s super ambitious and always follows the rules, so it was kind of exciting for me to see him let loose a little bit. That’s what I really enjoy about marijuana—you can control how you want to feel and for how long. Granted, recreational marijuana use had become legal in California by that time my boyfriend tried it so it wasn’t a total deviation from the rules, but it was still a pretty big step for him. Now that he smokes regularly, he’s a little more chill in general, which is great to witness.
  4. It makes me feel better about my choices. Not to compare and contrast, but I’ve always been a little more “out there” than my boyfriend. Of the two of us, I’m definitely the risk taker and the one more likely to break from tradition and make mistakes. In the past, smoking weed was something that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing with my boyfriend because I wasn’t sure how he truly felt. Now that it’s something we do together, the feeling of judgment, no matter how much of it was actually just in my head, has completely faded away.
  5. It’s a nice alternative to alcohol or hard drugs. What’s great about living in a state where marijuana is legal is all the different types and ways to ingest weed in order to get the exact effect you’re looking for. This revelation blew my mind. Because my boyfriend is a noob and I’m a lightweight, we can try new things without worrying that we’re going to overdo it and end up having a bad time. Gone are the days of smoking some random weed you found in your brother’s room and rolling the dice on what exactly you were putting in your body. What a time to be alive!
  6. Sex is amazing when we’re both stoned. I’ve always heard that sex is more intense after smoking weed but I’ve never really had the desire to try it. In the past, sex hasn’t ever really been something that comes to mind after smoking… until now. Sex and weed are basically the best combination ever. We’re totally uninhibited and the sensations are way more heightened. I totally recommend it.
  7. It’s a great stress reliever. It’s 2018 and the world appears to be in shambles. Every day, it feels like there’s a new tragedy or epidemic to worry about, not to mention just the everyday minutia that isn’t us playing with our pets or looking at photos of other people playing with their pets and that’s hella stressful. Stress can be a huge burden on a relationship and although it’s probably unavoidable, there are ways to combat it. I can’t speak for everyone and I’m no doctor, but for me and my boyfriend, marijuana does help at the end of a really stressful day. It clears our mind and lets us take a beat before going getting up and doing it all over again.
  8. It’s brought us closer together. My boyfriend and I have some of the weirdest, realest talks after taking a puff or two and it’s honestly brought us to a new place in our relationship. There’s an openness there that only comes with being truly comfortable with each other and marijuana is partially to thank for that. Sometimes I just want to sit in silence or write or do my own thing, and knowing that I can do that and not feel any type of judgment or paranoia is one of the best feelings in the world.
  9. It builds trust. Legal or not, weed is a controlled substance and consuming that with another person does take some form of trust. There’s the issue of safety as well as comfort that most people don’t take lightly, as they shouldn’t. I have complete and total confidence in my partner and vice versa, and that’s especially true when we smoke together.