Madonna Accused Of Doing Drugs On TikTok Livestream

Madonna Accused Of Doing Drugs On TikTok Livestream TikTok/@madonna

Madonna is known for her DGAF attitude and her willingness to push boundaries. However, many fans think the original Material Girl pushed things a little too far by doing drugs during a recent livestream. Madonna was live on TikTok when viewers noticed that she appeared to be doing poppers. Say what?!

  1. Wait, so what are poppers? If you’re not in the club scene (editor’s note: we’re not either β€” literally had to Google it!), poppers are a liquid drug that people inhale to feel a temporary sense of euphoria and giddiness. They apparently provide an “instant high,” but they’re not without side effects. Some user experience headaches, dizziness, and even heart palpatations.
  2. So, what was Madonna doing on TikTok live? She was a guest on the livestream of someone called Terri Joe, and they discussed a whole range of topics. At one point, Madonna shocked not just Terri Joe (who’s apparently known for her conservative Christian persona) but everyone watching. She pulled out a small bottle and started inhaling it while getting her hair done.
  3. Madonna insisted she wasn’t doing poppers. When she was asked whether that’s what she was up to, Madonna denied it, insisting: “Whoa, I’ve never done that before.” However, she soon appeared to be high, saying, “Whoa, everything feels different right now” as she laughed.
  4. Fans might have been surprised, but they loved it. During and after the livestream, people took to Twitter to share their amusement at the 64-year-old’s antics. “Madonna doing poppers is literally the best/funniest thing I’ve ever seen 🀣” one person wrote. Another said: “madonna doing poppers on tiktok live with terri joe.. there are few times in life we truly get to receive and this is one of them.” A third added: “Madonna doing poppers live on a tiktok while getting her hair done is so funny to me. I liveee.” Clearly, people loved seeing Madonna let loose!
  5. To be fair, Madonna has really been letting it all hang out lately. Literally. She’s not just doing drugs live on the internet, she’s even been posing totally nude on her Instagram Stories. In one image shared to her Stories, she wrote a metallic corset, white underwear, fishnet stockings, and threw a few emojis over her nipples (via E! News). I guess that proves age really is nothing but a number!

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