How To Make Him Miss You When You’re Not Around

It’s easy for a guy to enjoy your company when you’re with him, but making sure you stay on his mind when you’re apart is a slightly greater challenge. Whether you’re in the early dating stages or well into an established relationship, there are plenty of ways to make your guy desperate to see you again during your time apart.

Leave your signature scent on something he owns.

Smell is an underrated sense when it comes to relationships. Your personal scent—whether it’s a perfume you own, a flavor of gum you’re always chewing, or even your shampoo or body wash—can leave someone thinking of you long after you’ve left your presence. By wearing one of his shirts to bed or applying your perfume in his bathroom, you can ensure that he’ll be smelling you (and missing you) even after you’re far away from him.

Emphasize everyday things that you enjoy.

Creating mental links between you and common objects or ideas can trick someone’s brain into thinking about you even when they’re not trying to. If you love a popular song on the radio, let him know so that he thinks about you every time he hears it. If you’re obsessed with the bubble tea place he passes on his way to work, this opens up the perfect opportunity to run through his mind at least once every weekday. More importantly, it’s healthy to talk about what you like (and dislike) in any current or potential relationship!

Send him pictures and videos of your day.

With photo-sharing apps like Snapchat out there, it’s easy to casually share bits and pieces of your life with the person you’re seeing. If directly sending him pictures and videos isn’t quite coy enough for your liking, you can always post them to your social media stories. You’ll know he’s thinking about you all day long if he consistently views everything you post.

Don’t inundate him with messages.

There’s a fine line between making sure you’re on his mind and trying too hard to stay on his mind. Absence can really make the heart grow fonder, after all. If you find that you’re initiating contact far more often than he is or struggling to keep a fizzling conversation alive, take some time to let him feel the hole you normally fill in his life (and inbox). When he finds himself checking his phone and seeing no new messages from you, it can amplify his longing to talk and be with you again.

Leave small possessions at his place.

Bobby pins, lip balm, a phone charger cord—if you have a few spares lying around at your place anyway, what’s the harm in leaving one behind? These possessions can act as footprints, reminding him that you were there at one point, but aren’t anymore. Plus, they can provide a good conversation starter if he’s looking for an excuse to message you without wanting to seem clingy.

Do something without him that you’d normally do together.

Yes, going to that hole-in-the-wall cafe for breakfast has become “your thing” together, but is there really any harm in going there with a girlfriend and then posting a selfie from the outing on social media? A little bit of FOMO won’t hurt him, but it can make him just jealous enough to wish that he were the one spending time with you there.

Leave him on “read” (just for a little bit).

You don’t have to drive the guy crazy; just give him enough time without hearing from you to wonder what you’re doing that’s more important than replying to him. Letting him spend some time without a reply is a way to play a little bit of hard-to-get while also establishing yourself as a busy woman who prioritizes work, hobbies, or friends before her love life. By the time you do reply to him (if he manages to restrain himself from double-texting you first), he’ll be even more excited to hear from you.

Get him excited for the next time you hang out.

It never hurts to build the anticipation before your next get-together. Whether you have an actual date planned or are just teasing him for your next sexcapade, talking about what you’d like to do together or suggesting ideas for a future hangout can leave him counting the hours until he gets to see you again. Bringing up memories of previous dates can also make him remember how much fun he has with you, making him even more eager to see you again.

Leave him cute notes.

This may be a bit forward for the first sleepover, but after your budding relationship has been given some time to develop, consider leaving him a note on a napkin or slip of paper for him to find after you leave. A gesture like this gives him something from you to literally hold onto while demonstrating forethought on your part. Even something short, like “Had a great time! See you next week!” can give him butterflies in his stomach and leave him longing for the next little surprise you’ll give him.

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