How To Make Your Man “Whipped” Without Emasculating Him

Some of us won’t admit it, but we all secretly want our men to obey our orders. It’s not like you’re trying to turn your boyfriend into your slave. Some guys will claim that their friends are whipped, just because they treat their girlfriend with respect. That’s why you should do what you can to make sure your boyfriend ends up whipped. As long as you don’t emasculate him, he shouldn’t mind. He might even like it.

  1. Tell him about your plans ahead of time. If you want your boyfriend to tell you when he’s planning on going out with his friends, then you need to do the same. You give what you get. If you always tell him where you’re going before you leave the house, then he should return the favor.
  2. Divide your household chores. If you always tell him what to do, he’s not going to respond well to your orders. That’s why you should have a mature discussion about which chores you’ll each take care of. That way, you won’t have to yell at him for always making you do the dishes. It’ll either be your job or his, so the lines will never get blurred.
  3. Buy him clothes for every holiday. You might have the urge to lay out his clothes on his bed each morning, so he wears what you want him to wear. Of course, that will make him feel like a 12-year old kid. That’s why you should buy him clothes instead. After a few years of dating, all of his unflattering items will be ripped and torn, so his closet will be filled with your fashion picks. Then you’ll technically be in charge of what he wears without emasculating him.
  4. Get in good with his friends. Men hate when their friends make fun of them. If you get his buddies to like you, then he won’t be embarrassed to tell them that he can’t play poker, because he has plans with you. If they like you, they won’t bust his balls, which means he’ll be more willing to choose you over his friends.
  5. Make your orders seem like his choices. If you want him to go to your sister’s party, casually tell him about the event. Let him know he’s invited, but don’t tell him that he’s required to come. That way, he’ll feel like he actually has a choice in the matter. Of course, this could occasionally backfire, because he might turn down the invitation if he thinks it’s an actual option.
  6. Get him hooked on you. The best way to get a man whipped is to give him a reason to listen to you. Maybe you’re a master chef or a pro beneath the sheets. If you get him hooked on your food or on sex, he’ll want to do whatever he can to keep you around.
  7. Give explanations instead of orders. If you’re pissed that your man still hangs out with his ex, don’t order him to delete her number. Instead, explain why you feel uncomfortable about the situation. Once he hears what you have to say, he should delete her number without you having to ask him. Men respond better to your requests than your orders.
  8. Remind him that you have standards. Your man will never be perfect. However, he shouldn’t treat you like crap, either. If you make it clear that you have high standards and will leave him if he does you wrong, then he’ll fight harder to treat you right.
  9. Only ask for favors occasionally. If you’re always asking him for favors, he’ll occasionally turn you down. If you only ask him for his help when you really need it, then he’s not going to say no to you. You’re an independent woman, so if you can handle something on your own, and your boyfriend is busy, take care of the deed yourself.
  10. Reward him with sex. When a dog does something good, he gets a treat. When a kid gets a good grade, she gets a gold star. When your boyfriend does something you’re happy with, have sex with him (if you’re in the mood). This is not to say that you should be having sex out of obligation or using it to get your own way, but there’s nothing a man responds more to than sex, so if you’re feeling it, put it on him. If he gets rewarded for his good deeds, he’ll do them more often.
Holly Riordan is a writer from Long Island, New York who has authored several science fiction and horror books. A graduate of Stony Brook University, she has spent nearly a decade writing for publications including Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, and more. You can find her on Instagram @hollyrio and Twitter @hollyyrio.