‘Making A Murderer’ Lawyer Kathleen Zellner Says New Evidence Links Steven Avery’s Nephew Bobby Dassey To Murder

‘Making A Murderer’ Lawyer Kathleen Zellner Says New Evidence Links Steven Avery’s Nephew Bobby Dassey To Murder Calumet County Jail/Netflix

The case of Steven Avery is one of the saddest, most frustrating miscarriages of justice in American history. His case, documented in the Netflix docuseries Making a Murderer, gripped the nation and still remains open as he seeks reprieve from his conviction for the kidnap and murder of Teresa Halbach which he insists to this day he did not commit. Now, it seems his lawyer Kathleen Zellner has further evidence that could lead to his exoneration and point the finger at his nephew, Bobby Dassey.

  1. A new witness has come forward. As Zellner shared this week, a new court filing claims that a delivery driver has come forward with testimony that links Dassey to Halbach’s disappearance rather than Avery. The witness claims he saw Dassey with an unknown man in his 50s or early 60s with a long grey beard. Both were said to be pushing a Toyota RAV-4 through the Avery property early on November 5, 2005, a few days after Halbach disappeared.
  2. What exactly is the witness claiming? Thomas Sowinski, the delivery driver in question, said he went to drop off a newspaper at the Avery Salvage Yard when he saw Dassey and the unknown man pushing the Toyota. According to Sowinski, he saw “a shirtless Bobby Dassey … and an unidentified older male suspiciously pushing a dark blue RAV-4 down Avery Road toward the junkyard.” He also claims that after he delivered the paper and turned his car around to leave the property, he approached the RAV-4, at which point Dassey “attempted to step in front of his car to block him from leaving the property.”
  3. The delivery driver was scared for his safety. In the affidavit, Sowinski goes on to say that he had to tell Dassey that he was the paper boy and was late for his round and that he had to drive into a shallow ditch to get around him as he was scared for his safety. “I called out ‘paperboy, gotta go,’ because I was afraid for my safety,” he recalled. “Bobby Dassey looked me in the eye and I could tell with the look in his eyes that he was not happy to see me there.”
  4. He even tried to go to the police but was ignored. In yet another example of how Avery was framed as the only suspect police were interested in from the beginning, Sowinski said that after Halbach’s vehicle was found later that day, he went to the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Office, where a “female officer” told him basically not to bother sharing his testimony as “we already know who did it.” Unbelievable!
  5. Now, Zellner wants a new hearing. Given the nature of the new witness testimony, Zellner filed an 11-page document calling for Avery’s case to be sent back to circuit court and ultimately thrown out and started again. There have been so many problems with this conviction and the handling of so-called “evidence” and if the new witness proves credible, there’s no way this can be ignored.

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